This Is Why Kate Middleton Always Takes Her Children’s Official Photographs

It all makes sense.

We’ve all seen the adorable photos of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, with Kate Middleton and Prince William releasing official portraits to mark milestone moments in their children’s lives.

It’s pretty hard to stop your heart melting a little bit when you see the snap of Princess Charlotte waving or Prince Louis’ first official portrait.

But you might not know that, contrary to royal tradition, Kensington Palace previously revealed that it is often Kate behind the camera.

Yes that’s right, not only did she do the school run the day after giving birth to Prince Louis, she’s also basically a professional photographer. 

Kate reportedly has a real love for photography but that’s not the only reason she opts to take the snaps herself instead of hiring a photographer.

Will and Kate have an understanding with the British media that lets them share portraits of these special moments in exchange for general privacy for their children day to day.

Prince George, Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte

“Nothing is a given, but in terms of managing to keep a good relationship with the British media, it’s in William and Kate’s interest to release photos”, royal commentator Victoria Arbiter told Cosmopolitan.

Meanwhile, we’re just wondering if there’s anything she can’t do.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire UK.

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