Wine-Gin Is Now A Thing, And Consider Us Parched

A round of pinot noir gin, anyone?

It’s official, a UK-based winery has created the ultimate drink to quench that thirst. Chapel Down has launched its new wine-gin hybrid aptly titled Pinot Noir Gin, and seated alongside the winery’s other fantastical creations of Bacchus Gin and Chardonnay Vodka.

The new product is produced using the skins of the same grapes grown to make the Kent-based vineyards famous sparkling wine, which is blended with wheat spirit to make an aromatic spirit. The brand’s head winemaker, Josh Donaghay-Spire, says the new gin is infused with the characteristics of pinot noir, including juniper, coriander, dried red berries, rose buds, citrus fruits, rosehip, angelica and grains of paradise.

“The result is an aromatic pink gin with delicate aromas of red berries which perfectly balance the juniper led palate and refreshing citrus finish,” he says.

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Chapel Wine’s wine-gin hybrid isn’t available to purchase yet in stores, but you can buy it via their website. We know what our weekend plans include. 

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