In Need Of A Drink? Shop These Charitable Wines That Give Back To Good Causes

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It’s basically inevitable that we’re going to buy a bottle of wine at some point in the near future, whether it’s for ourselves or a gift for someone else. So why not make that purchase a charitable one? Turns out, so many Australian wines—on top of being delicious—give back to important causes with each bottle purchased. Here, we’ve found charity wine brands, big and small, that donate proceeds, make an environmental change, or provide much-needed water to those in need. Cheers!

Tread Softly

Sourced predominantly from established vineyards in South Australia, Tread Softly wines has partnered with environmental organisation Carbon Neutral to support the restoration of bushland across Australia by planting one native tree for every six bottles of wine purchased. So far, Tread Softly has helped plant over 1.5 million trees. The brand’s also committed to minimising its direct impact on the environment, with expert vineyard and water management strategies.

Our pick? The Tread Softly Pinor Noir

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Tread Softly is a charity wine brand that supports the planting of trees as a Platinum partner of environmental organisation Carbon Neutral.

Goodwill Wine

When David Laity lost most of what he owned in the Black Saturday bushfires, he developed a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for charity donations, which helped him rebuild his life. He went on to start Goodwill Wine, which donates 50 per cent profits to partnered charities across Australia.

The Goodwill Wine team carefully curates a selection of wine for wine lovers everywhere, as well as offering a wine club. You can also choose which charity or organisation you support when you’re at the checkout, including Animals Australia, Cancer Support Angels and The Dignity Project. Since its inception in 2009, Goodwill Wine has given back more than $500,000.

Our pick? The (Vegan) Eden Valley Rosé

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Goodwill Wine donates 50 percent of profits to charity and charitable organisations across Australia.

Little Ripples

Turning wine into water is the aim of Little Ripples, a local wine company providing clean water to developing countries. For every bottle you buy from this Australian winery, you also provide one person in need with a year of clean water. Little Ripples works with charity The BridgIT Water Foundation to identify the communities most in need of access to a functioning water well, and implements a strategy to maintain and manage the well for at least 10 years. To date, Little Ripples wine has supported the charity in the construction of over 50 water wells, with a current focus on India and Africa.

Our pick? The Little Ripples Chardonnay.

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Little Ripples wine supports charity The BridgIT Water Foundation to provide access to drinking water in regions like India and Africa.

Sit Stay Society Wine

As the playful name suggests, Sit Stay Society Wine is focused on man’s best friend. Its partnered with charity PetRescue, with 50 cents from every 375ml bottle and 75 cents from every 750ml bottle purchased going towards adoptapet adoption programs. Sit Stay Society Wine varieties and blends also have super cute, dog-themed names and labels.

Our pick? Teddy’s Big Dog Tempranillo

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