Women Are Sharing The Most Ridiculous Excuses Men Gave Them For Cheating On Twitter

"My ex told me he had to because it was cold out and I was 45 minutes away"

Being cheated on is a terrible experience. Being cheated on and then offered an embarrassingly feeble excuse for the cheating is in a new league entirely. And yet, sadly, there are endless women with ridiculous anecdotes about exactly that.

So many, in fact, that they have become the basis of a hilarious (and slightly depressing) viral Twitter thread. “What’s the funniest excuse for cheating someone has given you?” asked the original thread. 2,700 responses later, and the verdict is in: Men give some truly horrendous rationales for their philandering. 

Ranging from “she bought me a sandwich” to “I forgot we were dating”, the thread will make you laugh and weep with equal measure. See our favourites below.

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