‘Wonder Woman 2’ First Movie To Be Made Under New Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines

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Wonder Woman

The Producer’s Guild of America has announced that Wonder Woman 2 will be the first film made under their new “Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines,” which were announced at this year’s SAG Awards.

Given that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot spoke out against the film’s producer, Brett Ratner, who was accused of sexual harassment by several women – and that Gal refused to make a sequel until ties with the producer were severed, there couldn’t be a better film to kick off the incorporation of the new code of conduct.

Brie Larson and Lupita Nyong’o announced the new guidelines while on stage at the SAG Awards, with Brie saying: “We’re so excited to say that – with collaborations with Time’s Up and your union members here in this room – there will be a new code of conduct to ensure that there is safety on set.”

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“So we can continue to be vulnerable, continue to be emphatic, and do the strong and great performances that we’ve seen brief glimpse of here tonight,” the actress continued. 

The guidelines, which the PGA have been working on for the past three months, include the below recommendations for preventing sexual harassment on a movie set.

1. Follow federal and state laws regarding harassment.

2. Provide in-person anti-sexual harassment (ASH) training.

3. Be vigilant in preventing sexual harassment during production.

4. Establish harassment reporting procedures.

5. Harassment reports are listened and paid attention to.

6. Be aware of any possible retaliation against employees who report harassment.

7. All meetings and/or casting sessions should be held in a safe, professional and comfortable environment.

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