How Australia’s Busiest A-listers Balance Health and Their Careers

Three influential Australian women share their tips to staying healthy when their diaries are full
julie bishop


Carrie Bickmore


“I’m a working mother”

When The Project host isn’t filming, recording her radio show, writing her magazine column or being an ambassador for the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival, she is running around looking after her three young children, Ollie, Evie and Adelaide.

What does being healthy mean to you? “When I think of wellness, I think of doing things in my life that help me be content. Finding things to help keep my mind and body healthy so I can get through life in a more stress-free, content way.”

As a mum, how do you fit in ‘me time’? “I think most mums put their own needs way down the to-do list. For me, going for a run or doing a Pilates class gives me a little window of time on my own to think about things or switch off for a little bit. I try to grab 20 minutes for a run when I can, but it really has to fit in around work, school, sport and family activities.”

What do you always try to make time for? “It sounds so simple, but my nan and mum used to drink tea first thing in the morning, and now I’ve become like them and can’t function without my cuppa before the day begins. I am training Ollie to make me a good one!”

What motivates you to be healthy? “I know how lucky I am to have a healthy working body, so I feel I have no choice but to look after the parts of my health that I can control. If I want to be active when I am older and keep up with my kids, I need to look after myself now.”

What wellness advice do you have for busy mothers? “We often put other people first, like our little munchkins, but at the end of the day, our kids will benefit in the future if we take a moment to look after ourselves today.”

Jessica Mauboy


“I’m too busy for a fitness routine”

She has toured with Beyoncé, collaborated with Snoop Dogg and performed for former US president Barack Obama, so it’s little wonder that singer, songwriter and actor Jessica Mauboy (whose latest album, Hilda, has just been released) finds it hard to fit in a regular fitness session.

What is the most challenging part of staying fit for you? “I have to be super organised and block out time in my schedule for workouts and make sure that I stay motivated. I’m often writing music, filming videos or on promotional tours, so I find it hard to have a set workout routine. Every day is different!”

Do you like to work out alone or in a gym? “I’ve recently started working out with a few friends and we keep each other accountable, so I’m finding that super motivating. I also love to run. I find it meditative and it helps me clear my mind.”

What is your go-to cheat meal? “I love savoury snacks, so if I’m going to cheat, it’ll be with something like salt and vinegar chips. But my go-to healthy meal would be a beautiful piece of freshwater barramundi from the Northern Territory!”

What are your wellness secret weapons? “I love anything from The Beauty Chef, especially their hydration formula and protein powder. And wherever I go I take with me a set of oils created by Fumi [Yamamoto] from [Sydney’s] Zen Facial. I love ‘Radiance’ and ‘Celebration’ – I just use a drop on my wrists to lift my mood.”

What is one piece of fitness equipment that you can’t live without? “I always take some resistance bands and a skipping rope wherever I go, so I can do a quick workout when I have a moment. It’s amazing how much of a workout you can get just from a band!”

Julie Bishop


“I am always travelling for work”

Between speaking engagements, interviews, and hundreds of meetings, a regular gym membership just isn’t an option for the former foreign minister and former deputy leader of the Australian Liberal Party.

How does your lifestyle affect your fitness? “My biggest challenge is to maintain an exercise routine when travelling and working. Honestly, it takes discipline to ensure my diary is clear in the early mornings so I have time for a run. But even a short
run is better than no exercise.”

You are known for your running – what does it mean to you? “Running is the joy of freedom from concerns and constraints; I feel light, fast and powerful. It is a great time to focus on any challenges because there is a wonderful clarity of thought during a run.”

How do you overcome workout procrastination? “I remind myself that no matter how jet lagged or weary I am, I’ll feel better after exercise. I often place my running gear at the bathroom door so that I trip over it in the mornings and remind myself that it is time for a run. Fitness is a lifelong commitment to my health.”

Why is self-care important for women? “You must always find some time for self-care; it’s vital to sustain a busy lifestyle. Busy women are always looking out for others, but they need to also find time to look out for themselves.”

This article originally appeared in the March issue of marie claire.

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