You’ll Never Guess What Margot Robbie Served For Dessert At her Wedding

Don’t think dessert, think breakfast from your childhood

Margot Robbie just proved she’s a true blue Aussie with her choice of dessert at her wedding to Tom Ackerley over the weekend.

Unlike most celebrities who opt for towering cakes in an array or flavours, Margot opted for coco pops according to local publication The Northern Star. Yep just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy.


And that wasn’t the only unconventional menu item, Margot reportedly kept the whole thing relaxed serving pizza and a barbeque to her guests.

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The Suicide Squad actress was the ultimate low-key bride right down to her dress, opting for a relaxed bo-ho vibe with a gorgeous of-f-the-shoulder dress and her hair loosely tied back.

While the wedding itself was very relaxed, the planning was second to none, keeping the entire affair under wraps, with guests not even told of the location and all mobile phones and cameras checked in by security on arrival.

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“Guests weren’t even told about the location at all, and were instead asked to assemble at different locations from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast, where they were collected by buses and escorted to the venue,” reports

Margot is yet to make an official statement on the wedding but she did take to Instagram to give us a cheeky glimpse at her ring.

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