Britney Spears Wrote A New Song When She Released Her Memoir

Are we going to get a new Britney tour?
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Oops! She did it again.

Pop superstar Britney Spears made international headlines for the launch of her memoir The Woman In Me and now it seems the experience has encouraged the starlet to write new music.

That is despite writing in her memoir that her harrowing 13-year conservatorship had stolen the joy from writing and performing…interesting.

The singer took to her Instagram to share the news that her creative genius had once again sparked to life.

Britney Spears

Is Britney Spears Writing A New Album?

“I wrote a new song!” she captioned a post on Instagram. “Hate you to like me! No beef with anyone …just being a narcissist in a claimed, self-entitled way!!! It’s to accumulate interest by giving ego with my eyed closed because I hear important people do that these days.”

Britney posted the caption alongside a photo of her singing with her eyes closed in bronze makeup.

Firstly, there are so many questions. Is the song going to be called ‘Hate You To Like Me?’. What on this green earth will it cover? Her family trauma, her past relationships (like Justin Timberlake or Sam Ashgari?) or maybe even her dancing skills?

And will it be an album? No news on that yet, but there’s no denying that Spears’ fans will be on tenterhooks if she does.

Britney Spears
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Will Britney Spears Announce A World Tour Soon?

A new song does beg the question, if we’re getting new music, will there be a national tour à la Madonna’s ‘Celebration Tour’?

Spears, whose memoir is flying off the shelves, wrote in it that she was “struggling” with whether she would be able to get back on the stage again after her trauma.

She claimed that being forced to perform throughout her conservatorship impacted her creative joy.

“Pushing forward in my musical career is not my focus at the moment,” she wrote. However, we do know that she collaborated with Elton John on a single “Hold Me Closer” in 2022 and admitted that working on it “felt great”.

“I keep getting asked when I’m going to put on shows again,” she wrote in The Woman In Me. “I confess that I’m struggling with that question. I’m enjoying dancing and singing the way I used to when I was younger and not trying to do it for my family’s benefit, not trying to get something, but doing it for me and my genuine love of it.”

We can only hope she does so.

Will Britney Spears Release Another Memoir?

Britney Spears
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Given the huge success of The Woman In Me, it’s possible that Spears will release another memoir.

As she is in the midst of a divorce from husband Sam Ashgari, there is a lot of material there. In October 2023, Spears put an Instagram up saying that she would do a second installment in 2024. However, she has since deleted the post.

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