Turns Out, Jennifer Aniston Still Wears*That* ‘Friends’ Dress That She Took From Monica’s Wardrobe

The one with the dress.
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Even if you’ve seen only one episode of Friends, there’s no denying that the leading ladies’ style is still just as relevant today as it was in the ’90s. And it looks like Jennifer Aniston agrees.

On June 12, the real-life Rachel Green took to her Instagram to show off a brand-new hair cut, alongside hair stylist, Chris McMillan. In said photo, fans of the sitcom noticed that she appeared to be wearing an infamous garment from her hit TV show.

Hearing the calls of her fans, Aniston then went on to share screenshots of her Friends co-star Courteney Cox, wearing the same black floral and lace dress as Monica during an episode of the show.

“Does the dress look familiar?” she wrote jokingly, adding, “Still got it!”

Back in October 2019, Aniston revealed that one of her favourite looks is that exact dress, which she admittedly snatched from Cox’s wardrobe archive, after the series wrapped up in 2004.

“I still have a dress that I still wear to this day that I stole from Monica’s closet,” she told Bustle. “It’s darker with yellow mini, teeny flowers. It’s got a little lace here and lace here  and a cap sleeve, cut on the bias to here . I wore it two weeks ago. I love it.”

Jennifer Aniston
(Credit: @jenniferaniston)

Prior to the iconic Friends reunion, which took place in May 2021, the cast of the sitcom shared the various items from the famous set which they permanently borrowed. For Aniston, she confirmed that she did in fact steal the dress from her co-star and on-screen roommate.

“I still have it to this day, I still wear it and it fits,” she told People. When Cox commented that the dress has likely gone “in and out of style four times,” Aniston quickly reiterated that the dress will “always be in style”.

As for the rest of the cast, Kudrow quipped that none of them were technically “allowed” to take anything from set, however, not many stuck to that rule. David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller, admitted that it was the smallest items that meant the most to him.

“I just stole a little placard, I think it was a Professor Geller placard from my office at the museum,” he told the publication.

However, Matt LeBlanc, notable for his role as Joey, revealed that he kept an item that felt more in tune with his character’s sense of humour.

“I stole an ‘I Love Friends’ license plate frame and put it on Schwimmer’s car and it took him a week to realise,” he explained. And when the actor burst out laughing, LeBlanc replied, “Do you remember that? Yes, that was me.”

As for Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay, she claimed that while she “didn’t steal anything”, she did reveal that she held onto security badges from her time on set, a collection of rings that Phoebe wore and a clock face cookie jar that Matthew Perry gifted her.

Kudrow claimed that Perry “asked permission” before he gave the item to her, but for Perry, he remembered the situation very differently.

“I stole the cookie jar that had the clock on it and I gave it to Lisa Kudrow,” he told the publication, adding, “Because she, at one point, looked at it and thought that it was a real clock”.

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