26 Celebrity Guest Appearances On ‘Friends’ That You’ve Probably Forgotten About

From Winona Ryder to Richard Branson.
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With the Friends reunion well and truly behind us, we’re feeling a little nostalgic.

There’s no denying that we love the original cast, but the sitcom wouldn’t be what it is without a few surprise scenes from a few favourite celebrities.

From Winona Ryder to Richard Branson, there’s been no shortage of stars who made a big splash on set. 

Some were just starting out in their careers while others were already household names, but we loved watching each and every one of them.

Here, we’ve rounded up the 26 cameos from celebrities over the years. 

Anna Faris (Season 10)

Anna appeared toward the end of the show as the biological mother of Monica and Chandler’s adopted twins.

anna faris

Kristin Davis (Season 7)

Sex and the City was at the height of its popularity when Kristin made a guest-appearance as Joey’s love interest. Rachel and Phoebe become obsessed with making their relationship last, but unfortunately it didn’t continue for longer than one episode. In a recent interview with Today, it turns out, Davis was rather nervous to take on the role because of the live studio audience.

“I remember losing sleep. Sex and the City was in production, but I was nervous to be the tiny character of Erin, losing sleep, partly because of the live audience,” she said. “But partly because you’re in this world that has been created that is so alive and so specific and you’re trying to make sure you’re fitting yourself in there properly.”

She continued, “I remember, like, ‘Will I set that joke up OK? Will Matt [LeBlanc] be happy? Will I just go blank?’ Things go through your head when you’re in those situations that are heightened like that. Obviously, it was the highest of the high at that point.”

kristin davis

Danny DeVito (Season 10)

All credit goes to Danny DeVito for his incredible appearance as Phoebe’s surprise stripper at her bridal shower. His memorable crying scene and dance routine made for very enjoyable viewing.

danny devito

Dakota Fanning (Season 10)

Child actress Dakota was already famous in her own right for starring in Cat in the Hat and Uptown Girls when she made her appearance on the sitcom. She appeared in the final season and befriended Joey as the child who lived in the house Monica and Chandler were viewing.

dakota fanning

Paul Rudd (Seasons 9 & 10)

Who can forget Paul Rudd’s ongoing contribution to the show as Phoebe’s pianist boyfriend, and eventual husband, Mike Hannigan. Their love story was really one for the ages.

paul rudd

Christina Applegate (Season 9 & 10)

Christina appeared as the sister of Rachel Green in several episodes, with her snooty attitude making her a memorable character. In fact, her performance was so good, the cameo won her an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy in 2003.

christina applegate

Dermot Mulroney (Season 9)

Already loved for his role in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Dermot played Rachel’s coworker turned love interest for three episodes. In an interview, he reveals people would call out to him by his character’s name, Gavin, when they saw him in the street.

dermot mulroney

Hank Azaria (Seasons 1, 7 & 9)

Phoebe’s scientist boyfriend who leaves her to work in Minsk was certainly a recurring favourite. His character continued to pop up throughout the series, often wreaking havoc on Phoebes’ heart.

hank azaria

Aisha Taylor (Season 9)

Originally Joey’s palaeontologist girlfriend, Aisha eventually found a more compatible match in Ross (not before breaking a few hearts, though). 

aisha taylor

Alec Baldwin (Season 8)

Alec Baldwin made a memorable appearance as Phoebe’s irritatingly enthusiastic boyfriend. He appeared for two episodes before everyone found his overly joyful personality unbearable and Phoebe decided to end things.

alec baldwin

Brad Pitt (Season 8)

Arguably the best celebrity appearance of them all, Brad Pitt nailed the role of Ross and Rachel’s former classmate and founder of the ‘I Hate Rachel Green’ club. Funnily enough, him and Aniston were married in real life at the time of filming.

brad pitt

Willie Garson (Season 5)

The late Willie Garson is typically known for his role as Stanford Blatch, Carrie Bradshaw’s best friend, in Sex And The City. But what some may not know that Garson also had an appearance in Friends‘ fifth season. In the sitcom, Garson played the character of Steve Cera, a neighbour of Ross Geller, who asked Ross to donate to the caretaker of the building who’s reaching retirement, despite Ross having just moved in.
Willie Garson

Winona Ryder (Season 7)

Winona appeared as a former sorority sister of Rachel who becomes embroiled in a heated debate about whether or not they once shared a kiss. Ultimately, she confesses her undying love for Rachel at the end, but the feelings are sadly not reciprocated.

winona ryder

Susan Sarandon (Season 7)

A dramatically memorable performance came from Susan Sarandon in her role as soap star Jessica Lockhart. Trying to imagine her brain in Joey’s body was wildly unbelievable, but extremely amusing. 

susan sarandon

Bruce Willis (Season 6)

The iconic Bruce Willis appeared on the show for a few episodes as Rachel’s boyfriend, Paul. He also happened to be the father of Ross’ 20-year-old girlfriend which was uncomfortable to say the least. 

bruce willis

Reese Witherspoon (Season 6)

Reese absolutely nailed the role of Rachel’s spoiled little sister Jill. She ended up going on a date with Ross in one of the episodes but as we all imagined, it didn’t end well. 

reese witherspoon

Elle Macpherson (Season 6)

Playing the role of Joey’s roommate and eventual girlfriend, Elle’s character made waves for taking a dislike toward the group. 

elle macpherson

Cole Sprouse (Seasons 6, 7 & 8) 

Cole was an adorable addition to the series, playing Ross and Carol’s son. He later revealed he developed a big crush on Jennifer Aniston while filming (and who can blame him)?

cole sprouse

Richard Branson (Season 4)

He only appears for a minute but the Richard Branson cameo is a great one. Making a dig at his billionaire status, he’s seen trying to sell cheap merchandise to Joey and Chandler. 

richard branson

Hugh Laurie (Season 4)

The hilarious scene between Hugh Laurie and Jennifer Aniston plays out while she’s travelling over to London to surprise him at his wedding. After growing increasingly infuriated with her, Hugh eventually tells her he believes they were actually ‘on a break’, to the amusement of everyone. 

hugh laurie

Sarah Ferguson (Season 4) 

A trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a cameo from Fergie herself. She even has time to grab a quick selfie with Joey in his ridiculously large Union Jack hat. 

sarah ferguson

Billy Crystal and Robin Williams (Season 3)

Billy and Robin actually made their cameo by chance as they happened to be filming on a nearby set while an episode of Friends was taking place. They stopped by Central Perk for a quick cup of coffee and played out an entirely impromptu scene. Unsurprisingly, hilarity ensued. 

billy crystal

Ben Stiller (Season 3)

Ben Stiller has one of the funniest cameos throughout the show, playing Rachel’s boyfriend with extreme anger issues. For some reason, nobody is privy to his outbursts except Ross, but it all comes crashing down eventually. 

ben stiller

Julia Roberts (Season 2)

She was one of Hollywood’s biggest rising stars at the time, and Julia Roberts did not disappoint with her cameo. Playing the role of Susie Moss, she comes back to seek revenge on Chandler for a humiliating incident that occured while they were at school together.

julia roberts

Brooke Shields (Season 2)

This well-known actress appears as a Dr. Drake Ramoray (Joey) superfan. She has a hard time understanding that his character on the show isn’t who he actually is in real life, bless her. 

brooke shields

Charlie Sheen (Season 2)

Phoebe contracts the chicken pox right before her old flame Ryan (played by Charlie Sheen) returns from his post in the navy. Unfortunately, they both end up contracting it but the itching and scratching does make for great television.

charlie sheen

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