‘MAFS’ Alum Dean Wells Really Just Called Himself An “Innovator” For Cheating On Wife Tracey Jewel

"It's rule breakers that change the world!"
dean wells

From the very same man that once described himself as an “alpha-male” and dished out lines like “she’s got a really good rig” when asked what he admired most about TV wife Tracey Jewel comes new—and arguably unsurprisingcomments about his controversial time on Channel Nine’s social experiment, Married At First Sight

For those not keeping up with MAFS alum Dean Wells, let us get you up to speed. The former television groom has recently started his own podcast, Dangerous Ideas with Deanowhere he discusses all things feminism with former partner, Tracey. 

*Checks notes.* Yep, feminism.

As the podcast description reads: “He is the most controversial reality TV contestant of all time… They tried to silence him, now he’s back, and this time, there’s no producers, no scripts and no rules!” 

On one of the most recent episodes, some of Wells’ comments have—again, unsurprisingly—caused a bit of a stir. 

Discussing his cheating controversy, that unfolded during Married At First Sight’s fifth season where he attempted to partner swap with Davina Rankin, Wells called himself an “innovator” for being one of the first contestants to cheat on the show. 

Those who watch will know that the following season also saw a partner swapping scandal between Ines Basic and Sam Ball. 

tracey jewel
(Credit: Nine)

The drama unfolded on a recent Instagram post by The Washwhere Wells explained why former MAFS stars Erin Bateman and Bryce Moore—among the handful of surviving couples—would not appear on the upcoming Married At First Sight: All-Stars Reunion Special

Taking the opportunity to put his two cents in, Wells said: “At the meeting, we said that only people from seasons five and six were asked, because those were the seasons with the highest ratings.” 

The comments caught the attention of former MAFS star, Bella Fritz, who appeared in the show’s third season. 

“@deanwells, because you guys broke the rules,” Fritz wrote, and Dean replied, “@bellafrizza ha-ha, I didn’t know there were rules that I had never seen nonsense before I was on it.” 

A fan couldn’t help but jump into the conversation, pointing out to Wells that cheating on someone shouldn’t have to be a “rule.” 

While some might have taken offence to such a comment, Wells thanked the commenter and called himself an “innovator” for his actions.

“Look, I don’t want to talk myself up too hard or anything, but I guess you could say in that respect I was somewhat of an innovator,” he wrote. 

“Thank you. It’s rule breakers that change the world.”

It’s hard to tell if Dean actually believes what he’s spouting out, or if he’s simply doing it to get some promotion for the podcast.

Either way, one thing remains certain about the “most controversial reality TV contestant of all time”: he’s damn entertaining. 

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