Who Is Brandon Green? Emma Watson’s Rumoured New Beau

His family are very well-known in Britain.
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When Emma Watson told the world she was ‘self-partnered’ back in 2017, many wondered if she would ever seek out romantic love in her life. The Harry Potter actress has repeatedly shared that she loves being single, (or in her words, self-partnered), attempting to remove the typically negative connotations surrounding single women in their late twenties and thirties. 

Still, despite her outlook on love and singledom, Watson has found herself in a committed relationship with businessman Leo Robinton from 2019-2021. So much so, that engagement rumours began circulating before news of their breakup leaked. 

From there, it seemed unclear if Watson would be ready to open her heart again, but it seems, in just a few months, she has. Brandon Green, son of controversial businessman Philip Green, has been spotted with the beloved actress on a few occasions, sparking rumours that the pair are headed for relationship territory. 

Below, everything we know about him, from his family life to his interest in environmentalism. 

Who is Brandon Green? 


Green was born in Monaco and attended the International School there, before becoming an executive director for his father’s company, Digital Transformation and Technology in 2014. That same year, he made Tatler’s top 10 single billionaires list.

His parents,  Sir Philip Green and Cristina Green, have an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion, per ForbesPhilip owns major British clothing stores Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and more through their Arcadia Group. 

Brandon’s sister Chloe made headlines when she dated model Jeremy Meeks, (who you might otherwise know as the ‘hot felon’ after his mugshot went viral in 2014. The pair confirmed their relationship in 2017, welcomed their son Jayden in 2018 and confirmed their split in 2019. 

Brandon and Emma 

The rumoured couple were first spotted together in September 2021 after disembarking from a helicopter in Battersea, London. Then, on the 20th August, they were seen holding hands in Venice. Watson was wearing a red and white dress with capped sleeves and a pair of black sandals. 

Details around how the pair actually met are still fairly sparse, but some believe that it may have something to do with their shared love of saving the planet. Watson, who has been a vocal environmental campaigner for several years now, with a source claiming that Green holds similar interests. 

“He got very interested in biodiversity and saving the oceans,” they told The Daily Mail, of Green’s work. 

“He does a lot of charity work with both Monaco’s Prince Albert’s foundation and Princess Charlene’s foundation. He is very into fitness and gets involved with galas and charities that help the planet. He does frequent beach clean-ups and whatever he can to help.”

Still, many are wondering if Watson will take issue with the pastimes enjoyed by Green’s family, which include frequent trips on superyachts and private jets (major environmental polluters). Given that his family has made their fortune from exploiting the fast fashion market, and Watson is known for wearing ethically-produced, sustainable designers during red carpet appearances, it’s unclear if their values might clash. But, from the comments of close sources, it seems that Brandon does not share his father’s passion for fast fashion. 

As for whether their love story has any legs, only time will tell. 

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