Inside The Matildas Star Players’ Lives Off The Pitch

Three players just got engaged.
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Football fever is in the air and we are backing the Tillies always!

After Millions of fans tuned in for the Matildas FIFA World Cup campaign, we can’t help but want to know everything about these superstar women.

Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis after a friendly match in November 2022. (Credit: Getty)

As our Matildas obsession deepens, we’re increasingly curious about our national sporting heroes’ lives off the field. 

With many of the Matildas spending half their year abroad, repping clubs in US and European leagues, a web of inter-club relationships have formed, with some players frequently facing their other halves on the pitch. 

Twitter has cottoned-on to the fascinating off-pitch dating web.

Twitter / @brocklesnitch

Many of our Matildas stars are in serious relationships, with three becoming engaged over the past year, and a few even have kids with fellow soccer stars. 

Here’s everything we know about the dating lives of some of our Tillies. 

Sam Kerr

Current partner: Kristie Mewis

These two professional footballers keep their rivalry on the pitch,  with both playing for their national teams. While Kerr is obviously captain of the Matildas, Mewis is a midfielder on the US squad. 

While Mewis and Kerr didn’t go head-to-head at the 2023 FIFA World Cup (the US was knocked out by Sweden), they have faced each other on the field many times before. In fact, it was after the 2021 FIFA World Cup when the US defeated Australia, when rumours started swirling of a relationship, after Mewis comforted Kerr post-match. 

The two first went public with a romance in 2021. 

Since then, the pair have gotten engaged, with Kerr posting a series of beautiful photos of the couple with the date that she popped the question, September 1, 2023. Congratulations to the happy couple! 

Mackenzie Arnold

(Credit: Instagram / Mackenzie Arnold)

Current partner: Kirsty Smith

The Matildas goalkeeper is currently in a relationship with Scottish footballer Kirsty Smith. The two are teammates in the English league, where they both play for West Ham. 

Arnold and Smith have been dating since 2022.

Mary Fowler 

Current partner: (Rumoured) Nathan Cleary

20-year-old Mary Fowler is dating three-time NRL champion, Nathan Cleary. The pair were spotted cuddling and holding hands in 2023, but they hadn’t officially confirmed the romance themselves until they finally ‘hard launched’ on Instagram in January 2024. 

He captioned the picture, which was part of a wider carousel ‘That’s life’ alongside an ice cream emoji. Some fans felt this was a bit cheeky, as their relationship first made headlines when they were spotted on an ice cream date in 2023.

While Mary appears happy, Matildas player (and goalkeeper) Mackenzie Arnold did give Cleary a gentle admonishment in a recent press conference. 

Her issue with Fowler’s rumoured boyfriend? His football team. For those not in the know, Cleary plays for the Penrith Panthers and Arnold is a staunch Brisbane Broncos supporter. The two teams faced off in the 2023 grand final, with Panthers pipping Broncos at the post to win 26-24. Of course, a loss like that is going to make Arnold less-than-impressed with her teammates’ choice of beau.

“Seeing Nathan Cleary in the crowd was a little bit different for us. I was still pretty salty from the (NRL) Grand Final to be honest,” Arnold told 2DayFM.  “I wasn’t happy about it.”

Not content to let it simmer, Arnold laid down the law about his presence at the match (in a joking way, of course). “I let Mary know that he couldn’t come on the field.”

Emily Van Egmond 

Van Egmond is engaged to digital creator Kat Thompson. (Credit: Instagram / Emily Van Egmond)

Current Partner: Kat Thompson

Van Egmond recently became engaged to her digital creator girlfriend, Kat Thompson. The midfielder popped the question 

Emily splits her time between Australia and the US, where she plays for San Diego Wave FC. 

The pair told New Idea they were “aiming for the summer” for their wedding date. 

Ellie Carpenter

Ellie (right) and Danielle are international rivals, but teammates in France. (Credit: Instagram / Ellie Carpenter)

Current partner: Daniëlle Van De Donk

Matildas defender, Ellie Carpenter, is engaged to her Dutch teammate Danielle Van De Donk. Both currently play in the French league for Olympique Lyonnais. 

While they also play for their national teams, the Matildas and the Netherlands won’t face each other this FIFA World Cup. 

Katrina Gorry

Katrina Gorry (left) with her daughter, Harper, and fiancee, Clara Markstedt. (Credit: Instagram / Katrina Gorry)

Current partner: Clara Markstedt

Gorry and Markstedt met in Sweden where they both play for Vittsjö GIK. The pair welcomed their daughter, Harper, in 2021. In November 2023, they announced that they are again expecting a child, sharing the ultrasound images with enthusiastic fans. 

Gorry, a midfielder for the Matildas, and Markstedt became engaged in June 2023. 

Kyah Simon

Current partner:  Faye Bryson

Another football power couple, Kyah is currently dating Reading FC defender Faye Bryson. The pair oppose each other in the English league, where Simon plays for the Tottenham Hostpurs. 

Tameka Yallop

Tameka’s family showing their support in Australia. (Credit: Instagram / Tameka Yallop)

Current partner: Kirsty Yallop

Tameka and Kirsty were married in February 2019, with Tameka taking Kirsty’s surname. 

The two met as former competitors at the 2015 world cup, with each repping their respective national home teams (Kirsty hails from New Zealand and was playing for the Ferns at the time). They later kicked things up a notch when they both started playing for Norwegian team, Klepp IL. 

Kirsty has since retired from football, while Tameka plays internationally for Brann when not repping the Tillies. 

They welcomed their daughter, Harley Rose, in August 2020. 

Steph Catley

Another footballing fam: Steph is engaged to male soccer player, Dean Bouzanis (Credit: Instagram / Steph Catley)

Current partner: Dean Bouzanis

Catley announced her engagement to fellow Aussie footballer Dean Bouzanis in January this year.

The pair met in 2016 while both playing for Melbourne Victory. The couple later relocated to the UK, where Catley now plays for Arsenal and Bouzanis reps Reading. 

Cortnee Vine

Cortnee Vine (left) and Charlotte McLean (Credit: Getty)

Current partner: Charlotte McLean

Matildas forward Cortnee Vine is currently dating  an up-and-comer on the Young Matildas squad, Charlotte McLean. The pair have reportedly been an item since 2019. 

Alanna Kennedy

No, these two aren’t dating. Alanna Kennedy (left) is possibly single, but pictured here with fellow Matilda, Mackenzie Arnold. (Credit: Instagram / Alanna Kennedy)

Current partner: unknown

While it is not known if the Matildas defender is currently single, many fans will remember her relationship with influencer and sleepwear entrepreneur Sophie Cachia (now Sophie Shaw).

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