Melbourne Mother’s Body Found In Bathtub After 8 Months

Her heartbroken family has spoken out

A Melbourne mother’s body, which was found in the bathtub of her home, had been there for almost nine months, while at least one person lived in the house.

Sarah Gatt, 40, was found by police in January, who were visiting the house in Melbourne’s inner northwest on an unrelated matter, however, it is believed the mother-of-four was killed between April 20 and 24 last year.

Police say Gatt’s killers had gone to extreme lengths to make people think she was alive, even telling her neighbour she was currently at a psychiatric hospital, reports The Age.

“There’s evidence from the scene and post-offence conduct that would indicate there were deliberate steps made to conceal her death and to imply she was alive after April 24. Specific details I can’t go into,” Inspector Tim Day told The Australian.

“The key to solving this is if anybody has heard a story being told by any person about Sarah being alive post those dates. It’s extremely important to the investigation.”

Ms Gatt’s father, step-mother and two of her sisters have appealed for the public to help in finding who committed the murder.  

Mr Gatt said he lost contact with his daughter, an aspiring model as a teenager, who had long been battling a drug addiction.

‘‘I lost my daughter, in that way. I should have pushed myself to go and see her, but Sarah is the type of person if she doesn’t want to see you, she doesn’t want to see you,’’ he told reporters, according to The Age.

‘‘No one deserved to die like that, no one, it doesn’t matter what happened, or what her life was, she doesn’t deserve to die like that,’’ her stepmother, Cheryl Gatt, said.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or make an anonymous report online.

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