‘Snapchat Queen’ Filmed Boyfriend Dying On Street After Planning Murder

The teenager died of stab wounds

21-year-old Fatima Khan has been found guilty of planning the murder of the teenager she had been dating for two years, filming the attack on social media. 

The ‘Snapchat queen’ was found guilty of manslaughter after she enlisted the help of Raza Khan, who was a rival for her affections, to kill 18-year-old Khalid Safi in London in December 2016, BBC reports.

Safi died from stab wounds as Fatima Khan filmed him lying on the street, posting it to Snapchat alongside the message: “This is what happens when you f*ck with me,” per The Guardian.

Khan was injured in the fight but left the scene and his whereabouts remain unknown, the court heard.

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