Would You Buy A Designer Bag From A Dead Con Woman?

Melissa Caddick's designer wardrobe is up for sale.

The designer wardrobe owned by now deceased con woman Melissa Caddick will be auctioned off this week.

Caddick vanished in late 2020 during an investigation into her fraudulent investment schemes, which allowed her to steal around 30 million dollars from unsuspecting clients, friends and family.

Caddick has since been declared dead by a coronial inquest after her partial remains were discovered on a New South Wales beach.

Melissa Caddick
(Credit: Facebook )

Now, the receivers of Caddick’s estate are attempting to repay the 23.5 million owed to Caddick’s victims through the sale of her assets.

So far, this has included the January 2023 sale of Caddick’s Dover Heights home for the price of $9.8 million dollars, and a previous auction of her luxury jewellery, artwork and designer goods.

The latest auction, which will be held at Shapiro’s auction house in Sydney on Thursday, will focus on Caddick’s substantial designer wardrobe collection.

A Gucci Mini Jackie Denim bag is estimated to go for between $300 and $500. (Credit: Shapiro )

Within the collection, you will find Chanel, Dior and Oscar De La Renta dresses, Hermes coats and Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags—all for a bargain price for those not phased by the item’s murky past.

Shapiro has priced a pair of Dior slingbacks for between $100 and $200, while you can grab Chanel dresses for between $200 and $300 and Caddick’s Gucci mini Jackie bag is estimated between $300 and $500.

Of course, these prices may skyrocket depending on the bidding, which has the potential to go either way.

Some people may not be able to resist an opportunity to snag a pair of Dior slingback’s at such a good price, but others may feel uneasy by the thought of buying (or wear) Chanel that comes from a dead con woman.

However, for those that do place a bid on Thursday, your conscience should be eased by the knowledge your purchase will be helping repay Caddick’s victims.

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