Nat Bass Calls For An End To Homophobic Comments After New Relationship Reveal

The singer opened up about her new relationship after splitting with her husband of 12 years in 2022.

Natalie Bassingthwaite has issued a strong statement to homophobic commenters on her social media, saying she “won’t have it”. Bassingthwaite, known to many as Nat Bass, recently shared that she was in a new relationship with a woman.

Nat took to Instagram, sharing a statement direct to camera where she first thanked fans for the “love and support” she’d received after her announcement.

“On the flipside, with love comes hate,” she continued.

“I’m not a hater. I’ve never been a hater, I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how people have time to go on people’s pages and comment so viciously and horrifically and intentionally make people feel awful. It’s not accepted on my page, and I won’t have it.”

The Rogue Traders singer said her team would be blocking “anyone who says anything negative to anyone that I love”.

“That includes my family, that includes Cam, that includes my kids, and that includes my girlfriend. We all deserve respect and love because we are all human, we all cry, we all bleed, we all suffer.”

She added that paparazzi had been following her to her door and tabloids had been “making up stories” about her and her partner. “It’s a load of crap. It’s not acceptable, and I want it to stop,” she said.

Nat signed off by encouraging people to be kind and “focus on yourself”.

“I don’t have any hate in my life. I’m happy, I’m safe, I’m well, and I wish you nothing but the same.”

Earlier in the week, Bassingthwaite made her new love Instagram official, just a week after she revealed she was in the new relationship. 

Nat’s partner, Pip Loth, gushed about their blossoming romance on their private Instagram page, with Bassingthwaite resharing the touching post to her 208k followers.

Pip Loth and Natalie Bassingthwaite. (Credit: @natbassingthwaite)

“Appreciation post for the most incredible woman who is not only giving me strength, support, love and immense joy, but is teaching me to understand and accept that I am deserving of these things and have them within myself too,” Loth wrote.

“She’s teaching me to breathe deeply, to trust and to be my truest self. I am so incredibly lucky and overwhelmingly grateful for you.”

Alongside the tribute was a photo of the couple smiling over margaritas. 

Bassingthwaighte, who is a well-known face in the Australian entertainment industry, famed for her success in hit band Rogue Traders, and as well as stints on Neighbours and The X Factor, spoke candidly about her personal life on a recent episode of the Something To Talk About podcast.

“I am in a beautiful relationship with a woman who makes my heart smile and makes me really happy,” Bassingthwaighte shared, clearly smitten with her new partner.

(Credit: Getty)

She didn’t her significant other’s identity initially, but did admit that she was terrified of being outed before she’d had the chance to share her story in her own words.

“[I got a] phone call; I’d been waiting for it to happen, but [was] trying to protect our inner sanctum for so long, trying to navigate grief and really sit in it and feel it all. It hurts, trying to navigate what the next bits look like, especially as a couple who have two children, who work together,” she said.

Bassingthwaighte called her ex-husband McGlinchey for support, saying that he helped to reassure her through the process.

“He said, ‘It’s okay. This is your truth, and you now have to sit in it and stand in it and own it’,” she explained.

“So, to have that support from him has been nothing short of beautiful, and I’m very grateful for it. Now I can speak from my own mouth, on my own truth, and that feels rewarding. I’m okay. Everything is okay, and everyone is okay. We’re in a good space. It feels liberating.”

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The news of a new romance follows her separation from McGlinchey back in late 2022. The couple first met as Rogue Traders bandmates, and share two children together, a daughter Harper, 13, and son Hendrix, 10.

After announcing her new union, Bassingthwaighte shared that she has set up a close-knit co-parenting model with McGlinchey, with both still living together in Byron Bay.

“We’ve been on family holidays together; at this point, we’re still living in the same house together,” she said. “It’s a little bit crazy considering everything, but we’re doing it.”

Bassingthwaighte has dedicated herself to ensuring the family unit feels safe and secure, adding, “If I can continue to show our kids that life isn’t perfect, it will throw some things at you but, ultimately, if you stand in integrity and with love, respect and kindness for everyone around you – including yourself – then it will radiate.”

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