The Royal Family Is Hiring A Communication Assistant

The timing couldn't be better.
Kensington Palace is hiring a communications assistant.Getty

The Royal Family is hiring a communications assistant and the timing simply couldn’t be better.

In the midst of the recent Kate Middleton conspiracy fiasco, the palace has posted a job advertisement for a communications assistant at the Private Secretary’s Office in Buckingham Palace.

According to LinkedIn, the role will be responsible for assisting senior colleagues in both proactive and reactive communications, facilitating media access to royal engagements, and producing content on social media.

It’s not hard to imagine why the Royals need some communication assistance at the moment.

From Harry and Meghan’s public feud with the palace to the King’s recent health issues and of course, Kate Middleton’s mysterious surgery, disappearance and photoshopping scandal, the royals’ recent communication style has been more comedic than strategic.

Kate Middleton conspiracy theories.
The world still isn’t entirely convinced Kate Middleton is back. (Credit: Getty)

According to LinkedIn, the palace is looking for someone with a “clear passion for current affairs,” and someone who is “able to effectively connect with a diverse range of individuals, both internally and externally.”

“The Royal Communications team promotes the work, role, relevance, and value of the Royal Family to a worldwide audience,” the post reads.

“The reaction to our work is always high-profile, and so reputation and impact will be at the forefront of all that you do. Whether working on a state visit, ceremonial event, or royal engagement, you’ll make sure our communications consistently spark interest and reach a range of audiences.”

When it comes to the pay, it’s clear that it’s an entry-level position, with the successful candidate compensated with £25,642.50 ($49,521.83 Australian dollars).

They’re also entitled to 25 days of leave a year and bank holidays, a non-contributory pension plan, a range of leave options, complimentary lunch and 20% off at our Royal Collection Trust Shops.

Is the job worth it? We hope so, because right now, the royals need all the communication help they can get.

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