Kanye West Reignites Taylor Swift Drama In Bizarre Clap Back

He still reckons he helped her career….

A former NFL star has claimed that Taylor Swift had Kanye West kicked out of the Super Bowl, a rumour which West has since denied, simultaneously clapping back at Swifties saying that he’s ‘helped’ more than hindered Swift throughout her career.

It’s a new development in the Swift/West feud, which has been ongoing since he interrupted her at the 2009 VMAs, claiming Beyoncé should have won, and then when he released his song ‘Famous’, where he claims he “made that b**ch famous”.

Swift was cancelled after an audio of her approving of the song was released by Kim Kardashian, but it later came out that she was never asked if she consented to being called ‘that b**ch’.

So, what exactly is the timeline of events on this new Super Bowl ‘he said, she said’ drama? There’s no denying that it comes at a tough time for West, given recent headlines that he is ‘two months from bankruptcy’.

Here’s what you need to know.

Rumour Has It Swift Kicked Kanye Out Of The Super Bowl

Taylor Swift Kanye West
Kayne West (L) jumps onstage as Taylor Swift accepts her award for the “Best Female Video” award during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on September 13, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

While Swift’s representatives have not commented on the matter, ex-NFL star Brandon Marshall claims that Swift had West removed from the 2024 Super Bowl after the rapper allegedly purchased seats right in front of her box.

Speaking on his Paper Route podcast, Marshall’s story is yet to be backed up by other attendees, and when speaking, he initially confused Taylor Swift with Katy Perry.

“So Kanye West pulls up to the Super Bowl. Kanye West buys a ticket right in front of Katy Perry’s booth so anytime they are gonna be showing Katy Perry, Kanye’s face was going to be there. He had a mask on with his logo on the mask,” he said.

“So Taylor Swift gets pissed off [and] she makes a call or two — everybody is involved — [and] he gets kicked out the stadium,” he added.

His statement suggests that West had allegedly planned a guerilla marketing scheme involving Taylor Swift, although this has not been confirmed.

In fact, Kanye has hit back at the reports on Instagram.

“I didn’t get kicked out of the Super Bowl. We left our seats to go to YG’s box and see different friends,” he shared on his Instagram grid.

“My wife had never been to a Super Bowl, so I wanted to walk around and have a nice time.”

Swift Fans Drag Kanye For ‘Helpful’ Comment

Kanye clapped back in the same post, which was made alongside a screenshot of a Swiftie’s tweet urging her community to support Beyoncé’s new song ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ to block Kanye’s new music from the top spot on the Billboard 100.

He continued, “Remember I was on Taylor’s side when Scooter [Braun] bought her masters behind her back. She and Beyoncé are big inspirations to all musicians.

“Also, I’m sure I’ve been far more helpful to Taylor Swift’s career than harmful,” he added. “To all Taylor Swift fans, I am not your enemy uuum, I’m not your friend either though lol.”

Online Swifties disagreed that Kanye has ‘helped’ more than ‘harmed’ Swift’s career, given she needed to go into hiding for a year after the Famous drama made #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty trend online.

They feel it’s another iteration of the “I made that b**ch famous” line, which diminishes Swift’s creative talent and suggests that Kanye’s actions at the VMAs and following the snub are the reason she catapulted to fame.

For reference, Swift’s second album Fearless had already sold millions of copies and become a worldwide hit before the 2009 VMAs.

A representative for Kanye told TMZ that the rumours about him getting kicked out of the Super Bowl are a “completely fabricated rumour” and “not true”.

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