Who Is Peregrine Pearson? The Man Who Stole Two Kisses From Sophie Turner

Are they officially 'BF' and 'GF'? Here's what we know.
Is Sophie Turner dating Peregrine Pearson?

We might know Sophie Turner as Game of Thrones’ ‘Queen Of The North’, but the newly separated British actor has her arm around a new man, who is part of the real world nobility.

Turner was recently pictured kissing British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson on the streets of Paris. She was there to present the Rugby World Cup Trophy as a Louis Vuitton ambassador (the trophy travels in a Louis Vuitton case). According to E! online, the pair were also seen at the match between New Zealand and South Africa and later at Gare Du Nord.

Then, she was again spotted with Pearson, this time in London, holding hands on a crisp winter walk and even sharing yet another smooch while they waited for a car to pick them up. Peep the photos here.

The romance has continued to progress, with the pair sharing holiday snaps on a ski trip with the caption, “Jägerbomb anyone?” More on that later.

In mid February, the pair attended their first official event together, Stanley Zhu’s Year of Dragon Celebration at Dixie Queen in London. Turner was resplendent in a rouched grey two-piece set, with an off-the shoulder silhouette reminiscent of Princess Diana’s ‘revenge dress’.

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But who is Peregrine Pearson? And how did he manage to catch the attention of Turner amidst her public split from estranged husband Joe Jonas?

Here’s what you need to know.

Turner presenting the Rugby World Cup. (Credit: Getty)

Who Is Peregrine ‘Perry’ Pearson?

Peregrine Pearson is a 29-year-old British aristocrat. He works as a property developer but has publishing in his family, having descended from Samuel Pearson, who founded Pearson plc, which is one of the larger book publishers and education companies worldwide.

Who Are Peregrine Pearson’s Parents?

Peregrine’s parents are part of Britain’s landed nobility, with his father, Michael Pearson, carrying the title of 4th Viscount Cowdray. His mother is Marina Rose Cordle, daughter of politician John Cordle, from the conservative side of British politics.

His father worked as a film producer until he inherited his estate, Cowdray Park, in 1995.

According to Tatler, Michael has businesses in polo, golf, holiday homes and even a retreat. His 20,000 acre property in West Sussex was handed down through the family and boasts 22 bedrooms.

Peregrine is the eldest son and heir to the family’s wealth.

Pearson and his ex girlfriend, who is a Princess. (Credit: Getty)

Is Peregrine Pearson Royal Or Noble?

Peregrine Pearson is the oldest of the family’s children and stands to inherit their estate and his father’s title ‘Viscount’. He would be known as the 5th Viscount Cowdray.

For those of you not brushed up on the British peerage, a Viscount is the fourth rank below a Duke, Marquess and Earl, but above a Baron.

Who Peregrine Pearson Dating Now?

Peregrine Pearson might be part of the British nobility, but appears to be dating Sophie Turner – a Hollywood ‘Queen’ in her own right. The pair were first spotted kissing in Paris in October.

Then, in December, the couple were seen on the streets of London sharing a kiss and walking hand in hand, bundled up in winter woolies.

While the pair have not divulged if they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, a source told US Weekly that things have been getting more serious for the couple.

“Sophie has been casually dating a few people since her split from Joe,” the source allegedly said, adding, that she “really seems to like spending time with Perry.”

While things are still “fairly new” the source says they’ve become “progressively closer” and that Turner is happy with how things are “moving along”.

In January the pair shared snaps on holiday, clearly on a ski trip with friends in Europe. She even tagged him in the post.

Peregrine gives Sophie a hug in a photo with friends (they’re the two on the right). Image: Instagram
Sophie and Peregrine (furthest two on the right) pictured on the chairlift. Image: Instagram
Sophie made the most of the mountainside pool. Image: Instagram

Who Has Peregrine Pearson Dated?

While it seems things are going well for Perry and Sophie, he has also newly split from his ex.

Peregrine Pearson previously dated King Charles III’s goddaughter, Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark. The pair were reportedly seeing each other from 2020 to September 2023.

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