The Top 4 Ways To Get Healthier Fast

Low effort goals with big rewards.

There were two types of people during the pandemic; those who took the opportunity to up their fitness game, get on top of meal prep, and reconnect with the great outdoors. Then, there were the rest of us… who slept late, regularly forgot what day it was and had a shopping basket of groceries that resembled a road trip service station haul.

If this is you and you’re still struggling to return to your 2019-self, or perhaps you’re the former but waning from your health kick, healthylife is going to help turn all that around. The new website, created in partnership with Woolworths and backed by a panel of healthcare experts, will help you shop, eat, and feel better⁠—here’s why we’re loving it.

1. Food Tracker

You almost need to be a dietitian these days to be able to select grocery items that make up a ‘balanced diet’; trying to read those hieroglyphic-like nutritional labels to decipher ‘is this good for me?’. And it’s a widespread issue. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, most Australians don’t eat the recommended daily food servings from the five core food groups. Additionally, a Woolworths Group Living Healthy report found many of us are not buying a balanced basket with more healthier core foods.

Enter: the healthylife Food Trackercreated to help Australians better meet the dietary guidelines. Just connect your Everyday Rewards card to your healthylife account and the tracker will tell you how much of five recommended food groups you are currently getting in your diet based on your purchases, as well as how much of each group you still need to buy in a set timeframe to meet nutritional needs. Easy, right? And just like that grocery shopping became so much less of a punish.

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2. Healthy Body Programs

The site offers a number of short, achievable health programs that will earn you Everyday Reward points upon completion, giving you extra push of motivation to see it through. From supporting immune health to give you that extra layer of cold and flu protection this winter, to the expert-picked pantry essentials you need to snack right. However, it’s the four-week FODMAP challenge that will have bloated bellies excited. If you’ve been medically diagnosed with gut issues or IBS, then you’ll certainly want to sign up. Developed by FODMAP expert nutritionist and dietitian, Chloe McLeod, it will step you through the process of starting, and following, a low FODMAP diet using the gentle FODMAP approach.

3. Healthy Mind Programs

Feeling good doesn’t just stop at the physical though, there are also ways to literally *feel* better. The pandemic proved just how important being in the moment and greenspace is, but if you’ve lost your zen with the return of normal life, it might be time to invest in a reset. From mastering mindfulness, to getting more sleep, and learning how to manage stress, each program is short and offers Everyday Reward points as an incentive. It’s a win-win.

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4. Find Local Wellness Services

Trying to find a good masseuse or naturopath these days can be a journey, so healthylife takes the hassle out of it all with a service dedicated to all things wellness. There’s also user review ratings to help with your decision making, and keyword tags so you know the services each provider offers at a glance. No more scrolling through pages and pages on Google.

Brought to you by healthylife.

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