5 Unique Baby Shower Gifts That Every New Parent Will Appreciate

Take your gift-giving game to the next level with these excellent options.

Nothing gives us all the feels quite like a baby shower. There’s just something so special about rallying around a mum- or dad-to-be and celebrating the exciting new journey that they’re about to embark upon. And, of course, spoiling them a little bit before the baby arrives!

Choosing the perfect gift – one that’s unique, stylish and practical – can feel like a mission impossible. Thankfully, the team at Metro Baby are on hand to share their top five recommendations.

The Atelier Choux Swaddle Blanket

Mum and Dad will love this French-made swaddle almost as much as their little one will.
Mum and Dad will love this French-made swaddle almost as much as their little one will.

Swaddle blankets or wraps would have to be up there on the list of essential baby items, and even more so when they’re as cute as this hot air balloon design.

Designed by Mattias Adolfsson (a well-loved Swedish illustrator), this beautiful gift is made from 100 per cent GOTS-certified organic cotton and printed using water-based, baby-safe ink. But more important, it has multiple uses and is ideal for swaddling, as a light blanket or as a breastfeeding cover while out and about. With the added bonus of being machine washable and safe to pop in the tumble dryer, this one’s made to go the distance.

Yogasleep Hushh White Noise Machine

Bub will rest easy with this white noise machine in their corner.
Bub will rest easy with this white noise machine in their corner.

Help Mum and Bub get the sleep they need with this handy little device. White noise has been proven to assist newborns in transitioning to sleeping outside the womb, and the Yogasleep Hushh Noise Machine is the perfect tool to help minimise disruptions and support a little one’s sleep.

By creating a constant, soothing sound, the device works to provide a comforting and consistent environment and mask noises that might otherwise disturb baby’s precious sleep. Portable and lightweight, it’s a must-have for new parents, giving them that much needed respite in between feeds.

Haakaa Nail Care Set

Believe it or not, the unnerving task of trimming those miniature nails is one of many things that keep new parents up at night. So while it may not be an obvious gift choice, the Haakaa Nail Care Set will be very well-received.

You’ll find no sharp scissors here, as the set provides everything you need to file and smooth a baby’s nails from newborn right through to 12 months. Easy and gentle to use, the kit also contains a file for adult nails. It’s the perfect ‘wouldn’t know you need it until you need it’ gift option!

Rockit Stroller Rocker

While we’re on the subject of nifty inventions that’ll change your life, this little device will be much appreciated when new parents are out and about. The Rockit Stroller Rocker imitates the gentle hand-rocking motion babies love when being pushed around, offering a safe, hands-free solution to a common worry – how to make sure baby stays asleep when they need a break!

Whether they want to stop for a coffee, eat a meal while it’s still hot or simply sit on a bench and have a rest, parents can be confident that their baby will enjoy the peaceful sensation of being rocked while they doze in their stroller. 

Snuggle Me Organic Feeding and Support Pillow

Make comfort the utmost priority with the Snuggle Me Organic Feeding and Support Pillow. It’s designed to support early newborn activities, including nursing, bottle feeding, tummy time and sitting up, and can be used as a toddler pillow later down the track.

Coupling a sophisticated aesthetic with a practical shape, the pillow is available in eight appealing colours and uses certified organic fabrics and a hypoallergenic polyester filling.

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