These Top-Rated Vibrators Should Be Firmly On Your Sex Toy Wish List

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Chances are, somewhere along the line you bought your first vibrator. It was likely something simple (and possibly discreet, especially if you were living in a share house or worse, at home with parents who look through drawers) and a snap decision, your first foray into self-pleasure via sex toys.

But now is the time to think about a new, possibly more exciting vibrator. The technology has come a long way, especially in the last few years as women enjoying self-pleasure has, you know, stopped being frowned upon. Ugh.

From whisper-quiet vibrators practically designed for those share house situations to clitoral stimulators that suck and blow, there are some great options in the sex toy market for upgrading your solo time. Oh, and a few old favourites that have really gone the distance. Here are some top rated vibrators to consider if you’re up for making a new purchase.

Elixir Play Ruby 


Elixir Play’s Ruby is a full-silicone, flexible wand vibrator. It’s soft, bendy and designed for maximum G-spot stimulation. Its unique shape is unlike traditional vibrators which offers an easy grip during play. 

Elixir Play Ruby, $119.95 at The Iconic.


Womanizer x Lovehoney Clitoral Vibrator


There’s a reason the Womanizer vibrator collection is a cult buy globally. The brand’s “pleasure air technology” changed the game when it came to clitoral stimulation – using air pulses to create a sucking sensation, as opposed to relying purely on vibrations. A great buy if standard vibrators just haven’t done it for you.

Womanizer x Lovehoney Pro40 Rechargable Clitoral Vibrator, $169.96 at Lovehoney.


Tiff Vibrator

For the kind of orgasm that brings you to your knees or has you holding on for dear life (frankly, who isn’t looking for that level of pleasure?) you can’t go past this petite yet powerful vibrator. Offering both internal and external stimulation, 10 vibration settings, 10 intensity levels and pulsing vaccum head, it has everything you need to get off.

Tiff Vibrator, $244 at Girls Get Off

Fifty Shades Of Grey Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator

rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrators might look intimidating, but are actually a great introduction to sex toys. The rabbit ears send vibrations to your clit, while the stem is curved to hit your g-spot. The result? Intense orgasms! The Fifty Shades version allows you to individualise the vibe intensity between the ears and the stem.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator, $139.95 at Lovehoney.


Dame Eva II Vibrator

dame eva II

This funny-looking egg vibrator is one of the best for couple play. The “arms” keep it in place over your clitoris, and the small size means it fits neatly between bodies. 

Dame Eva II Vibrator, approx. $240.07 at JouJou


Mantric Wand Vibrator

wand vibrator

Wand vibrators are great for self-pleasuring, and this version features an ergonomic handle with rubber material that gives great grip. Nothing worse than dropping your vibrator at an inopportune time, right?

Mantric Wand Vibrator, $109.95 at Lovehoney.


Lovense Lush 2 Egg Vibrator


A flexy wearable, the Lovense vibrator is designed to be used via an app, which allows you (or a partner) to control the vibration levels. A great handsfree option, it’s also teeny enough to fit comfortably as a during-sex toy.

Lovense Lush 2 Vibrator, $224.95 at Lovehoney.


Lovehoney Massage Wand


The massage wand style of vibrator has been a top-rated sex toy for years – decades, even. Made famous on Sex and the City, there are now far more modern iterations – like this one from Lovehoney, which features varying styles of vibration from deep pulses to light, consistent vibes.

Deluxe Rechargable Mini Metallic Massage Wand, $69.95 at Lovehoney.


 Elixir Play Garnet


Strong in all the right places, the is perfect for both during sex as well as solo time. Designed for feminine pleasure, it delivers clitoris stimulation and strong vibrations.

Elixir Play Garnet, $99.95 at OZ Hair & Beauty.

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