The New Luxury SUV We’ve Got Our Eyes On

The new Genesis GV70 offers superior bang for your buck

Buying a new car isn’t something you do every day. Second only to purchasing a home, investing in a new set of wheels is one of those big, important purchases that has a huge impact on your day-to-day. It’s an exciting process – but there a lot of factors to take into consideration. Will you go for an SUV or sedan? What are your thoughts on leather interiors? Which smart features are a must-have for you?

Whether you’re just considering upgrading soon or about to pull the trigger on a new car purchase, you need to know about the luxurious new Genesis GV70. Here’s why…

Family Friendly Design

COVID has limited our opportunities to travel via air, meaning the majority of family holidays will be taken by car this year. With the Genesis GV70, there’s enough room for everyone, along with features to keep the back seat drivers entertained. The back seat USB ports are worth their weight in gold for long-distance trips. Plus, reclining rear seats will encourage the kids to get some shut-eye, so you can take in the scenery in peace.

Safety is always a priority on the road, especially when you have precious cargo on board. The Genesis GV70 features an impressive line-up of safety features including eight airbags, blind-spot collision avoidance assist, blind-spot view monitor, high-beam assist, intelligent speed-limit assist, lane-keep assist, and multi-collision braking.

Genesis GV70

Next Level Smart Features

Ever heard of augmented reality navigation? Until recently, neither had we. The Genesis GV70 features a GPS navigation system that is more intuitive than what is considered standard. This second generation system uses the front camera, augmented reality (AR) technology and navigation data to provide better, more precise guidance and information. If you’re a bit challenged when it comes to directions – ah, guilty! – this system could make all the difference. 

Some of our other favourite smart features include fingerprint authentication (where you can easily configure and recall your own customised profile of personalisation settings at the touch of a finger); remote smart parking assist (an optional Luxury Package feature where you can instruct the car to park itself remotely and then hop back in when it’s done); and ERGO motion driver seat (another Luxury Package feature where seats are fitted with multiple massage modes).

Genesis GV70

It’s Chic

Can we straight-up talk about the design for a moment? This car is sleek – and we’d be lying if we said that aesthetics didn’t matter.

The devil is in the detail when it comes to the design of this vehicle. The interior was inspired by Korean architecture and the aerodynamic curvature of an airplane wing – think clean and contemporary.

Viewed from the side, the Genesis GV70 features a sleek and elegant coupe-like roofline that gives it an exceptionally smooth appearance. There are no sharp lines in sight – just smooth curves.

The Price

Prices range from $66,400 before on-road costs for the entry-level vehicle to $83,400 before on-road costs for the 3.5T AWD Sport with all the bells and whistles.

Sponsored by Genesis.

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