Dream Homes Are Made Of These: New Home Inclusions Worth The Upgrade

Expert tips to bring your new-home dreams to life.

Whether designing your own home is on the horizon or simply a distant dream, it pays to start the process early. Because while you may have a Pinterest board full of ideas and an Instagram feed brimming with inspo, when you’re faced with the monumental task of building a home from scratch, it can be daunting to say the least.

To start, think about what you want and need when it comes to a home. Is it a more streamlined layout? Heaps of storage? A kitchen made for entertaining? Or lots of outdoor space to bask in. Plan out all the little details – from flooring to lighting to paint swatches – and think about which home designs might suit your lifestyle best.

It also helps to put together a complete checklist, along with a list of non-negotiables that, regardless of cost, you can’t live without. This will make it simpler to choose home designs and track your spending.

And when you’re getting close to making that dream home a reality, it’s always a smart move to consult with those in the know. Australia’s number-one home builder seems like a good place to start. Metricon Homes has been in the business for more than 40 years and has seen it all.

Here, the Metricon team share some of the essentials to keep in mind when building your dream home.

Boost your home's street cred with a front facade that makes a lasting impression.
Boost your home’s street cred with a front facade guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Think about street appeal

Your home should be a reflection of you in the best possible way, and its front facade should make you proud. It’s also the first thing people see, so it’s important to get it right.

For timeless appeal, the ever-popular Hamptons facade gets our vote. It delivers plenty of character with its weatherboard features and charming gables. And if trends or personal tastes change, the facade adapts with an easy swap-out of the neutral colour scheme for a darker palette.

You might prefer a more modern, pared-back style, which can then be personalised with quality render, cladding, brickwork or feature tiles to up the luxe factor. Or how about a double-door front entrance for instant impact and a feeling of grandeur – just make sure it isn’t too big for the size of your home.

Building from scratch means you get to create your dream kitchen with all the mod cons.
Building from scratch means you get to create your dream kitchen with all the mod cons.

Splurge on the kitchen

“Kitchens sell homes,” says everyone who has ever worked in real estate. And they’re also the central hub and lifeblood of any home. Cooking enthusiasts and keen entertainers will appreciate the value of creating a stellar setup with all the bells and whistles.

We’re talking a well-organised butler’s pantry – perfect for keeping any mess or kitchen appliances hidden – along with stunning marble benchtops, double ovens or a tiled splashback for function and aesthetic appeal. And don’t forget custom cabinetry and shelving, which can be designed to house your collection of cookware and small appliances. Hello, sleek, harmonious and luxurious space!

If you like scrolling for inspiration (don’t we all!), check out the Metricon Homes kitchen gallery, with something for every style and every budget.

Achieving that highly sought-after indoor-outdoor flow will make entertaining a breeze.
Achieving that highly sought-after indoor-outdoor flow will make entertaining a breeze.

Features that fit your lifestyle

This one’s important. Your wallet may take a slight beating, but splurging on those little extras that reflect your lifestyle and personality could mean the difference between liking and loving your home. 

Movie fanatics, why not invest in a theatre room that feels just like the real thing? You’ll be able to relax and escape into a different world whenever you get the chance (minus the exorbitant popcorn prices).

If you live for family get-togethers and legendary still-talked-about dinner parties, you might want to upgrade your entertaining game. Focus on seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living areas and maximise natural lighting with slide-away walls, large windows and open-plan spaces.

Brought to you by Metricon Homes. Ready to make a start? Metricon Homes has all the know-how to bring your home ideas to life. For more details on how to create utter bliss in your home, visit Metricon Homes.

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