Meet The Sustainable Scented Candle Company Inspired By Poetry

With evocative scents to suit every mood.

The simple act of lighting a candle and filling our homes with a decadent scent is one of life’s luxuries.

There’s something poetic about enjoying the warm glow of candlelight and taking a moment for ourselves to focus on calm and mindfulness.

It’s only natural, then, that Poesia Candles creative director Bianca Dudau used poetry as her main source of inspiration for her intense and distinctive scents.

With its name directly translating to “poetry” in Italian, each Poesia scented candle is inspired by some of the greatest poets and writers in history and comes with its own evocative and meaningful poem.

With scents to suit every mood—whether you’re setting the scene for a romantic night in or refreshing a room ready for a day working from home—there’s a Poesia candle to perfectly pair with your self-care routine.

Sustainable Scents

Each scent in the Poesia range is designed to be a personal journey, developed and tailored in partnership with fragrance experts.

But there’s one thing that ties them all together: sustainability.

Poesia Candles
Inspired by poetry, each Poesia candle is sustainably made, with a blend of soy and coconut wax. (Credit: Supplied)

Each candle is made from a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free blend of the highest quality soy and coconut wax, with a cotton wick.  This results in a cleaner burn that doesn’t produce black soot or smoke and distributes scent evenly throughout the room.

Poesia Candles are also hand-poured in the company’s Australian headquarters, with small-batch manufacturing ensuring responsible technologies can be used at every step. No product is packaged or wrapped with plastic, with the cardboard packaging made using sustainable printing practices and bio-inks.

Truly created and packaged with love, each Poesia candle offers a powerful, unique and truly eco-friendly experience.

Sonnet-Inspired Scents

Each luxurious Poesia Candle is inspired by the work of a poetic great, with a story behind each scent to help transport you to another place and time.

The intoxicating and woody New York Inspiration is influenced by the all-consuming nature of desire expressed in James Whitcomb Riley’s The Heart of June. With notes of amyris, amber, thyme, leather and cedarwood, the elegant scent pulsates with the life of the city that never sleeps.

In contrast, Venetian Story gives a mysterious edge to the sweetness of powdery rose and decadent mystery of caramel oud. Inspired by Ella Wheeler Wilcox’s If I Were, it conjures up images of the scandalous behaviour hidden behind masks at Italian masquerade balls in the 15th and 16th century.

Poesia Candles Venetian Story
Venetian Story scented candle, 390g, $139.99. (Credit: Supplied)

For something a little fresher, April Day takes inspiration from Oscar Wilde’s Roses and Rue, a reflection of having loved and lost. With notes of bergamot, rhubarb, white lily and sweet musk, the fragrance hangs in the balance of sunrise and sunset with a crisp, clean scent that melts into something rich and creamy as it burns.

An homage to romance and the city of love, Paris Night tells the story of Ella Wheeler Wilcox’s attempt to quantify the nature of her love in Why I Love Her. With pink pepper, saffron, rose and vanilla, it’s romantic and sophisticated with just the tiniest hint of mystery.

Poesia Candles Amore
Amore scented candle, 390g, $139.99. (Credit: Supplied)

Amore is warm and radiant, with a multifaceted scent that unfolds over time, much like the love described by Sara Teasdale’s poetry collection Love Song. Opening with a twist of Amalfi lemon, the warmth of tonka bean spreads for a touch of caramelised sweetness.

For those wanting a rich and indulgent aphrodisiac, there’s Three Words, with notes of pepper, cocoa, warm spice and vanilla. Striking the balance between sweet and savoury, it has a warm, comforting and irresistible effect.

Each large candle is made to last, with up to 70 hours of burn time, so you can experience endless hours of relaxation and added coziness to your home.

Explore Poesia Candles’ collection of hand-crafted luxury scents here.

Brought to you by Poesia Candles.

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