5 New Season Haircuts Everyone Will Be Emulating In 2019

Instantly update your look

While we might only be a few weeks into the new year, 2019 is already delivering standout beauty trends. Here, we look at the five key hair styles that are having a moment right now. From the grown-out pixie cut, à la ’90s Meg Ryan to the naughties-inspired flippy lop – the most recent crop of it-girl styles are paying homage straight out of our high school yearbooks. 

The Grown-Out Pixie


Who: This low-maintenance style is perfect for busy women who don’t want to spend too much time doing their hair in the morning. It’s a versatile crop that is “effortlessly chic and suited to an active lifestyle, yet can be transformed into something soft and pretty for an evening out,” Nadine Johns-Alcock, National Education Manager for ghd Australia and New Zealand adds. 

How to: For simple everyday styling, Johns-Alcock suggests applying a root lift spray into damp hair and letting tresses dry naturally. For a nighttime look she explains, “transform your look by using the ghd mini styler to create a smooth side-swept fringe that kisses your lashes.”

The Flippy Lob

Flippy Lob

Who: The flippy lob is a preppy style with a flirty twist. Nadine says this look is for “corporate women who want to look like they are in control of their destiny, yet still up for some fun.” Adding that it works best for “second-day styling when you’re not quite ready to wash your hair yet.”

How to: To nail this look in just minutes it’s important that you have the right hair tools. Johns-Alcock recommends the new ghd glide hot brush for smoothing away frizz and creating a flip through your ends – “you can just glide through the hair, using the palm of your hand to guide the ends outwards.” Finish with a shine spray for a glossy result. 

Smooth and Sleek Middle Part

Middle Part

Who: “This look suits women who love a little luxury in their lives and they know how to work the magical combination of sleek shiny, and elegant,” Johns-Alcock advises. The simplicity of this style lends itself well to statement earrings and trendy hairclips to take your ensemble from the office to date night or dinner.

How to: “On dry hair and working in small sections, apply a heat protectant spray and treat your hair with the new ghd platinum+ styler for one stroke smart straightening.”  A final spritz of hairspray will ensure your style has major lasting power. 

The Grown Out Shag / Mid-length Waves

Olivia Palermo

Who: This is the Miss Congeniality of the hair world and works wonders with every hair type. “If you like to have the flexibility to change your look – down and wavy, up in a pony, side part or centre part, then the grown out shag is for you,” Nadine explains. What’s more? Thanks to their versatility you can style medium tresses seamlessly transition from the gym to a night out with minimal effort. 

How to: To create mid-length waves, spray damp hair with ghd curl hold spray, and blast dry with ghd air, allowing the natural part to appear. Section off the top of your hair in a scrunchie while you wrap your hair in sections around the larger ghd soft curl tong. Hold for 5 seconds if your hair is fine and up to 8 seconds for thicker hair. To keep the wave lasting longer, cup the curl in your hand while it cools to give it time to set. Repeat throughout and try to alternate the direction of the curls for added body and movement. Keep in place with ghd final fix hairspray.

Curtain Bangs


Who: For the woman who likes to be at the forefront of fashion. Nadine notes, “everything about her life appears to be easy, from her holiday-inspired wardrobe to her hand made leather sandals.”

How to: This style is all about keeping up your hair appointments – ask your stylist for your bangs to be shaped shorter in the centre and longer at the sides. “When your hair is 80% dry, use a large round brush and hairdryer to blow dry the whole section of your curtain bangs forward and use your fingers to softly part in the centre.” In between washes a quality dry shampoo will add texture to your hair and extend the life of your style. 

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