Alicia Keys Just Launched Her Beauty Brand, Keys Soulcare, And The First ‘Ritual’ Is A Must-Have

This girl is on fire (and incredibly hydrated)

While there seems to be an onslaught of celebrity beauty launches—hello, JLo Beauty—the latest A-list launch has actually been in the works for the past four years.

Alicia Keys’ lifestyle and beauty brand, Keys Soulcare, technically began back in 2016 when the musician publicly vowed to never wear makeup again. Explaining her decision in a 2016 essay in the now-defunct Lenny Letter, Keys mentioned how ditching the products helped her to feel free from social expectations typically held against women and drew her to newfound love for meditation.

While it’s been years since we last heard of the brand, as of December 3, Keys Soulcare officially launched as part of the e.l.f. beauty family. And no, it doesn’t include makeup.

Here’s everything we know about the Keys Soulcare line so far.

What Is Alica Keys’ Beauty And Lifestyle Brand, Keys Soulcare?

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Keys described how her new brand is more than just skin care or any type of care, because our self-care should come from somewhere much deeper than surface level.

“It’s not just about skin care or hair care or body care or nail care—any type of care—if we can’t care about our souls. It’s completely connected. And I’m so excited and proud of it because it’s so real to me. It’s literally how I live and think and breathe and how I personally survive and accomplish all of these ideas and conversations.”

In the launch, the brand released its first ‘ritual’, a collection of three products, with one a topical skincare product. Balancing self-care rituals and skincare products, Keys Soulcare allocates space to what they identify as the four elements of soulcare: body, spirit, mind and connection, therefore, achieving all four elements is the only way to achieve true self-care.

What Does Keys Soulcare’s First ‘Ritual’ Include?

The first ritual consists of three products, a candle, a moisturiser and a facial roller. Setting the mood, the ‘signature’ Sage and Oat Milk Candle is meant to offer a moment to “press reset,” regardless of the time of day, according to the brand. And with Sage known for its energy-clearing properties, and oat milk is soft and soothing, it’s definitely a winner. The candle’s scent is best described as warm and comforting, and features a mantra saying, ‘I shine at full wattage.’

Alicia Keys' 'Keys Soulcare'

Following the candle is the Skin Transformation Cream, which is sure to please skincare lovers. Soulcare worked with dermatologist, and co-founder of W3LL People, Dr. Renée Snyder on the product’s formula. The product is rich in ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and buzzy ‘retinol-alternative,’ bakuchiol, a ‘clean’ ingredient with anti-aging properties. It’s also infused with malachite, known as the ‘stone of transformation.’ And, of course, the accompanying mantra is, ‘I welcome all circumstances as catalysts for change.’

Wrapping up the first ritual is the Obsidian Facial Roller which allows users to give themselves a cooling massage while applying the Skin Transformation Cream. Completing the self-care routine, Obsidian is a volcanic glass created from quickly cooled lava, and has a long history of use in feng shui and other rituals to “repel negativity” and “clear the psychic smog that can surround us,” as Keys Soulcare explains on their website. The mantra: ‘I am strong, capable and unstoppable.’

When And Where Can We Get Keys Soulcare?

Currently, Keys Soulcare is only available in the U.S. at their website. However, global shipping is said to be coming in 2021.

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