Asher Yasbincek: Reinvented

Exclusive: the actor reveals three transformative looks.
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Asher Yasbincek, 22, is used to changing her appearance for a role. But getting into character sometimes means making a dramatic change to her look, like the time she had to shave off all her hair on Heartbreak High.  

“My hair journey over the last two years has been kind of wild,” Asher tells marie claire Australia.

“I had finally grown it out to the longest length it’s been since I was 16… And then I got the role of Harper… Shaved my head… Grew it out again… And then cut it again,” she shares.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll remember the emotional scene where after facing a family trauma Harper took the clippers to her long locks, and it was a moment the Perth-born star was excited for.

“By the time it came to shaving my head, I was so ready for it. I had been talking about it for months,” Asher says.

asher yasbincek hair styles
Asher Yasbincek shaved her long hair on screen while playing Harper in Heartbreak High. (Credit: Supplied / Netflix)

“People had been asking me on the days leading up to it, like ‘Oh my god, are you nervous?’ and obviously there was a little bit of nerves there, but I was so excited to do it.

“After I did it, I felt really elated. And very free. And once the hair and make-up team had stepped in and cleaned it up for me, and they did the bleach, it looked fabulous,” she explains.

marie claire Australia and has teamed up with Asher, along with cult favourite hair care brand OGX and hair stylist Amiee Hershan, to create a hair transformation series to inspire you to break free from your usual style and dare to be different.

Watch the video above for the full shoot with Asher and to see her three transformative looks, then keep reading to find out more about the star and how to recreate the hair styles at home. 

Asher Yasbincek hair
Look 1: textured. (Credit: Photographer: Alana Landsberry. Hair: Amiee Hershan. Makeup: Shella Ruby Martin. Styling: Monica Morales.)

marie claire: How would you describe your hair type?

Asher Yasbincek: My hair is super thick and grows really quickly. Honestly, I don’t maintain it the way I probably should, but it’s got a life of its own and I kind of let it do its thing. 

When it’s long it curls, so I put in more effort to maintain it at that stage. 

mc: What does your hair care routine usually look like?

AY: I wash my hair once a week. When it’s short it looks better the less you touch it. Too many washes make my hair super frizzy and I much prefer it texturised. 

I don’t have specific products or a routine. I tend to listen to my hairdresser for guidance on that when I need it. 

Asher Yasbincek hair
Look 2: amped-up texture. (Credit: Photographer: Alana Landsberry. Hair: Amiee Hershan. Makeup: Shella Ruby Martin. Styling: Monica Morales.)

mc: What do think about the three hair looks from today’s video shoot?

AY: These three looks were super fun. I forget that when your hair is short you can do a lot with it. It was cool to see the different sides of me the different styles catered to. 

mc: Which is your favourite look?

AY: My favourite look was probably it slicked down. I don’t do that kind of thing on my own, so it’s a lot of fun when you have help to try new things. 

Asher Yasbincek hair
Look 3: sleek and slick. (Credit: Photographer: Alana Landsberry. Hair: Amiee Hershan. Makeup: Shella Ruby Martin. Styling: Monica Morales.)

mc: How does your hair style relate to your self-expression?

AY: Hair has always been a form of self-expression for me. I’ve cut it and coloured it since I was a kid. The first time I cut my hair really short I was six years old (don’t worry, I didn’t do it myself). 

Hair allows you to play with androgyny and expression. It builds confidence and acts as an armour of sorts. Hair can make or break your day. 

The best thing about it is that it grows back. So, to my friends and others who feel they want a change but are nervous, I say, I understand but absolutely go for it! 

mc: Are you a confident person?

AY: I think a common misconception about actors in general is that they are very loud people all the time. Granted, I can be loud, but I can also be very shy and timid and I think when I’m embodying a character and playing someone else in front of a camera, there’s a certain safety and level of confidence in that, but when it’s just me, in front of a camera—whether that’s a film or photograph—I kind of have these moments where I’m like ‘Oh my god, I actually don’t even know how to move in my own body… like what do I normally do?’

Asher Yasbincek hair
Hair stylist Amiee Hershan, left, transformed Asher’s look with three new hair styles. (Credit: Photographer: Alana Landsberry. Hair: Amiee Hershan. Makeup: Shella Ruby Martin. Styling: Monica Morales.)

Get The Look

To achieve all these looks at home, hair stylist Amiee Hershan says to start with either clean or one day old hair.

Look 1:

“I used a texture cream and styling powder and worked it through Asher’s hair. OGX dry shampoo gives dreamy texture to short hair. I just used my hands to create the texture and finished with a light texturising spray,” says Amiee. 

Look 2:

“The second style is just the first turned up to 11! I added more product and gave Asher a good head massage to creature a punky texture. Finished off with hairspray,” Amiee shares. 

Look 3:

“I spritzed on a thickening spray, but you could use water or OGX Penetrating Argan Oil, combed it into the shape and then used a gel to comb through for a shiny hold – remember to start small and layer on the product!” she says. 

Brought to you by OGX.

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