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Netflix Just Dropped The First Trailer & Release Date For The ‘Heartbreak High’ Reboot

'Euphoria', but make it Australian.
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What screams Australian 90s nostalgia more than a rerun of Heartbreak High? The answer, dear reader, is nothing. The wildly successful teen drama, which premiered in 1994 and ran for nine years with more than 200 episodes provided the coming-of-age content for young people growing up in the pre-millennium decade. 

Delving into then-taboo topics including sexuality, teen pregnancy and drug use, the show pushed boundaries in the Australian film and television landscape, subsequently opening the dialogue for better, non-judgemental conversations.

Of course, the show itself was a hit with millennials, but it came a little early for those in the Gen Z age bracket before they could really appreciate the significance of the storyline based around the teens of fictional school, Hartley High. 

And that’s why Netflix is launching a brand new modern-day reboot of the show featuring a stunning, diverse cast of young up-and-comer actors who’ll no doubt have us just as hooked in the new, evolved storyline.

Here, everything we know about the Heartbreak High Netflix reboot. 

(Credit: Netflix)

What is the plot of the Heartbreak High Netflix reboot? 

The rebooted series will revolve around a new set of teens who attend a Sydney-based school, Hartley High. One student, Amerie is made a pariah after an undisclosed discovery. The “whipsmart and outwardly brash” teen’s subsequent rift with her bestie Harper leads her to make friends with two outsiders, Quinni and Darren, all while she desperately attempts to repair her reputation while navigating love, sex and, of course, heartbreak. 

Is there a trailer for Heartbreak High

Yes! On August 2, Netflix dropped the first sneak peek at the Australian remake. In it, the Gen Z cast are decked out in Y2K-nostalgic trends (so very 2022 of them), while the screen skips between them walking through the school hallways by day, then partying in chaos by night. 

Think Euphoria, but make it Australian. Watch the full trailer below. 

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Who is in the cast of Netflix’s Heartbreak High reboot?

The cast will be led by Ayesha Madon who plays Amerie. The Sydney-born actor is an undoubtable talent having starred in Aussie mini-series The Moth Effect and the musical Fangirls as well as working on a full-blown singing career—you can listen to her single Outside of the Party here

Joining Madon are several other Aussie up-and-comers including James Majoos who plays a self-described “sh*t-stirrer” Darren, Chloe Hayden who plays the “outrageously raw” Quinni and Asher Yasbincek who plays the hard-to-please teen Harper.

To add, Thomas Weatherall will play athlete Malakai and former Home And Away star Will McDonald plays Ca$h—a drug dealer, food delivery driver, a pet duck owner and… well a lot more. Some seriously multi-faceted teens here. 

When will the Heartbreak High reboot be released?

Netflix’s initial announcement revealed Heartbreak High is set to be released on the streaming platform sometime in 2022. 

In November 2021, Netflix also confirmed filming had commenced in Sydney, with an initial eight episodes in production. 

If the show is successful, it’s likely they’ll film more—fingers crossed!

Where can you watch the Heartbreak High reboot in Australia? 

Heartbreak High‘s 2022 reboot will be available to stream via Netflix. While we wait patiently for its release, you can watch the entire OG series from the 1990s on the streaming platform here

(Credit: Netflix)

What was the original Heartbreak High series about? 

The original series was based on several teens who attended the same fictional school in Sydney, Hartley High. Much like The O.C. and Dawsons Creek, the show explored the teenage experience in all its glory—ups, downs et al. It was widely acclaimed both within Australia and globally because of its raw, and realistic storylines which sparked bigger discussions around race, sexuality, politics and body image. 

Heartbreak High starred several Australian teens whose careers subsequently soared—Ada Nicodemou went on to star as a recurring main character in Home And Away, Callan Mulvey featured in global blockbuster 300: Rise Of An Empire and 2021 film, Till Death, and Alex Dimitriades starred in 2015 Aussie television show, The Principal. 

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