The Toasty Fragrances To Add To Your Rotation ASAP

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Whilst it’s been a relatively warm winter so far (touch wood) the inclination to cocoon inside or jet off to warmer climates has still been strong. And that’s where the power of fragrance comes into play. 

With the ability to boost mood (some studies suggest scents trigger up to 75 per cent of daily emotions) and metaphorically transport you across the world, the fragrance category has become a staple for winter self-care. But with that arises the difficult task of selecting a signature scent. An easy solution? Find multiple. As seamless as the transition between miniskirts and midis, so-called “fragrance wardrobing” sees a rotation of perfumes to take you through different occasions and seasons.

When choosing a scent to combat the winter blues, it’s important to consider how the weather can affect body chemistry and the way your fragrance wears. Bee Shapiro, founder of clean fragrance brand Ellis Brooklyn, suggests trying a “more powerful scent in winter because it is so much drier out. Base notes, such as woods, amber or musk, act as a fixative that will help the fragrance … [last] longer.”

Quintessential winter notes include rich gourmands (think of vanilla, cinnamon, honey), warm florals and crisp wood notes (pine, sandalwood, cedarwood), says Shapiro, whose ultimate winter pick is the Ellis Brooklyn Super Amber EDP. Created without the distinction between top and base notes, amber, vanilla and a musk instead “bloom” when reacting to skin.

If you want to boost your mood further, take Shapiro’s lead and opt for delicate, uplifting fragrances. “There’s a lot of reasons to reach for cosy scents in winter, but I also love the idea of an optimistic scent,” she says. My Way Parfum by Giorgio Armani, for example, pairs vibrant orange blossom with cosy Madagascar vanilla, while Byredo’s Mojave Ghost anchors a cocktail of exotic florals with sandalwood.

And if you like to layer, Shapiro suggests spraying designated perfumes on different pulse points of the body – rather than spritzing scents on top of one another – for an effortless blend sans the risk of a poor reaction.

The Best Warm Winter Perfumes To Buy

toasty winter fragrance

Super Amber Eau De Parfum, 50ml, $173 at Mecca

toasty winter fragrance

Giorgio Armani My Way EDP, 30ml, $118 at Adore Beauty

toasty winter fragrance

Le Labo Fragrances Ambrette 9 EDP, 50ml, $345 at Le Labo Fragrances 

toasty winter fragrance

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole Eau De Toilette, 75ml, $187 at Sephora 

toasty winter fragrance

Kayalia Vanilla 28 EDP, 100ml, $185 at Sephora

toasty winter fragrance

who is elijah Nomad EDP, 100ml, $179 at Adore Beauty

toasty winter fragrance

byredo Mojave Ghost EDP, 100ml, $377 at Mecca

Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk EDP, $180

Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk Eau de Parfum, 50ml, $173 at Mecca

toasty winter fragrance

Ormaie Paris Tableau Parisien, 100ml, $499 at Libertine Parfumerie

goldfield banks

White Sandalwood Perfume, 100ml, $239 at Sephora


Burberry Goddess Eau Du Parfum, 100ml, $275 at Adore Beauty

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