Save On Your Signature Spritz With These Affordable Perfume Brands

Expect endless compliments sans the cost.

Finding a signature scent is no simple feat, particularly if you’re looking for a perfume that’s also affordable.

Considering we should only be spritzing ourselves once a day (with the exception of a post-workout or pre-date night refresh) picking the perfect perfume can be one of the most long-term beauty commitments one can make, not to mention most expensive.

Usually coming with a price tag in the hundreds, fragrances can feel like a luxurious albeit sizable purchase for many.

Luckily, there are a plethora of affordable perfumes in the market that look and, more importantly, smell divine.

Best Affordable Perfumes In Australia



Made in the heart of perfume country, Provence, France from the finest ingredients, Aerre was born from a desire to create luxury perfumes sans the price tag.  Understanding how tricky buying perfume online can be, they also offer free returns if you find the scent you picked isn’t for you.

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Who Is Elijah 

Independent perfume label, Who Is Elijah has made a name for itself creating cruelty-free, gender-fluid fragrances that blur the line between masculine and feminine, all of which are hand-filled in Sydney.  

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Calvin Klein  

A classic in our scent collections, Calvin Klein’s reasonably priced perfumes make for a timeless addition to your cabinet whether it’s the bold and sensual CK One Gold or the spicy, hypnotic Obsession.  

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Maison Margiela

These luxury Parisian perfumes are crafted to evoke emotions and memories deep within. With scents such as Flower Market, Under The Lemon Tree and Beach Walk they’re perfect for taking on holiday or saving for big occasions so you’re reminded of special moments with every spritz.

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by/ rosie jane

This LA-based beauty brand was founded by Australian mother-of-three Rosie Jane who wanted to create a clean and cool scents that make everyday feel like a holiday. Our personal fave? Her new Dulce Eau De Parfum which combines rich and sweet notes of vanilla, hinoki wood and nude musk.

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Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’ fragrances have become an icon in of themselves, gracing all our beauty cabinets at one time or another, they smell as sweet and sumptuous as they look and are perfect for being put on display.

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Ayu Perfume Oils 

Aimed at balancing the mind, body and spirit, these perfume oils not only smell divine but feel luxurious thanks to naturally blended ingredients.  

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The natural Greek beauty brand has been a Mecca mainstay thanks to its high-quality certified organic ingredients and now, the loved-label has added a range of simple, yet stunning perfumes to its range.  

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Where to buy affordable perfumes?

If you’re looking for your next signature fragrance on a budget we recommend you start your search with the below sites.

Does perfume expire?

Like most beauty products, perfumes do expire, exactly how soon you should be disposing of your expired scents however, varies according to their chemical composition. You can usually find a suggested use by date on the box your perfume came in, indicated by a bottle symbol and number (typically listed in months eg. 12, 24, 36).

Where to spray perfume?

There’s good reason you often see perfume delicately spritzed on the neck and wrists. Also known as pulse points, these are areas where your veins run closest to the skin and as a result, emit the most heat, which in turn accelerates the rate your perfume develops.

Hair is also a natural diffuser with follicles easily absorbing odours and holding scents for longer periods. However, many perfumes contain alcohol which can dry out the hair, so it’s best to opt for a hair perfume or carefully inspect the ingredient list before spraying.


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