10 Celebrities Who’ve Had Their Eyebrows Microbladed

And they look damn good

All forms of eyebrow tattooing, whether it be microblading, feathering or henna brows, have been a welcome beauty invention to those with naturally thin, sparse or fair face framers.

Adding definition and fullness through semi-permanent hair-like strokes; when the long-lasting treatment is done well, you can barely tell.

And while there are some celebrities who are naturally blessed in the brow department (looking at your Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins), some A-listers have taken a shine to this brilliant brow solution.


Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham documented her microblading journey for Vogue US, writing that after the treatment, “I was too stunned to speak. On my face were two perfect brows, the same hard-to-capture brown as the hair on my head, multidimensional, thick in all the right places, giving my face a grounded seriousness I had been wishing for.”

helen mirren

Helen Mirren

It’s true that as we age our brow hairs can thin. And Helen Mirren for one, was fed up. “I’ll tell you what I had done recently, which I love – I got my eyebrows tattooed,” she told Daily Mail.

“They’re very lightly and delicately done – but it means that when I get up in the morning and I have no makeup on, at least I have eyebrows. It’s made a huge difference.”

mandy moore

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore regularly visits brow artist Kristie Streicher, and once shared her ‘microfeathering’ treatment on Instagram. Posting the final result, Mandy wrote, “new brows, new lease on life.”



Being the queen of reinvention, Madonna has tried many brow trends over the years, including the super thin style of the ‘90s.

Laura Choate, owner of Santa Monica Microblading in Los Angeles, said, “through both age and over-plucking in the past, Madonna would have lost some natural hair. She has used microblading to fill in these gaps, and create a whole new shape, and they look great.”

serena williams

Serena Williams

Winning grand slams without a brow hair out of place? Yes please. A gel isn’t going to cut it on the court, so the semi-permanent solution was a smart move by Serena.

mila kunis

Mila Kunis

Mila’s full brows are further enhanced with the microfeathering technique too. They always did look suspiciously perfect…


Kiernan Shipka

The Mad Men actress has amazing brows, but reportedly gets feathering to help fill in the gaps.

minka kelly

Minka Kelly

A before and after of Minka’s brows was shared on Streicher’s Instagram, and despite the actress having great brows beforehand, it’s a great example of the subtle but amazing difference microfeathering can make.



Oprah is also reportedly a fan of microblading, and has been a dedicated customer of Anastasia Soare (of Anatasia Beverly Hills) for years.



Lorde’s brows have always been beautifully natural, and always on the strong, wiry side rather than structured. The singer prefers the subtle technique of feathering to add further fullness to her natural shape.

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