“Christmas Tree Hair” Is Taking Over Instagram

This holiday is clearly the new Halloween when it comes to beauty

The Internet has officially decided that Christmas is the new Halloween, coming up with the weirdest and wackiest beauty trends to get in the festive spirit. Some of the options delivered so far include Christmas tree eyebrows, glitter hair and entire holiday scenes painted on eyelids (yes, that’s really a thing). 

So dust off that ugly Christmas sweater (have you seen the one that holds your wine!!) and get ready for Christmas beauty’s newest offering: Christmas Tree Hair. 

The look requires pulling long hair straight up into a triangular or cone shape, with the assistance of a foam cone or something similar, spraying it green and then, of course, adding festive decorations, inclusive of, but not limited to ornaments, tinsel and lights. 

What a way to meet the in-laws! 

Here’s a bunch of inspo to add to your Christmas tree hair mood board ahead of the big day:

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