How To Get The Best Hair Of Your Life

The cuts, colours and tricks you need to know

If you’ve had it with following celebrity hair advice, only to realise, two hours’ deep into a soft waves tutorial, that your hair in no way resembles that of Blake Lively/Olivia Palermo/insert-celeb-of-choice-here and therefore their tips simply don’t apply to you, we hear you. Which is why we’ve quizzed the actual experts – the hair stylists at the top of their game – for their cut, colour and care advice for all hair types below.

Whether your tresses are curly or fine, dry or oily, here you’ll find the tips you need for your glossiest, healthiest hair yet.

If you have curly hair…

Cut: “Loads of layers create a better shape for curls and keep it from looking bottom heavy,” guides Marie Uva, director of UVA Salon. Evo and Cloud Nine Creative Director Lauren McCowan agrees. “If your curls are lightweight, I’d suggest a blunt lob or bob cut and for those with heavy hair, keep hair long to help weigh the hair down, elongating curls.”

Wash: “When washing your hair don’t pile it on your head and scrub aggressively, as this adds extra friction and frizz,” says UVA. “Always use lots of conditioner and add hydrating products (I like Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment) to tame naturally curly hair.“ Apply when the hair is really wet to lock in moisture and reduce frizz.

Dry: Use a diffuser to dry curly hair. “It will be your best friend as it enhances natural curls without increasing frizz,” explains McCowan. Try the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer, which has a handy diffuser attachment for precisely this purpose. It’s also perfect if your hair tends towards the dry side (as curls so often can), thanks to its intelligent heat control that ensures your tresses aren’t exposed to excessive temperatures. 

If you have fine hair…

Cut: “Shorter haircuts above the shoulder, such as the angled lob or a choppy bob with tousled ends work well with thin hair as they create the illusion of fullness,” says Uva. “Incorporating light layers with texture on the ends is another way to add body, shape and movement to thin hair.” Also try this season’s curtain fringe to fake a bit more body – read our how-to styling guide here.

Colour: Brunettes know this all too well: nothing looks flatter than block colour. Instead, ask your hairdresser to fake volume with a few well-placed foils. “Adding highlights to fine hair creates an illusion of fuller, more voluminous hair,” guides McCowan.

Style: Struggle to get waves or curls with staying power? “Having the right tool is the most important part of achieving perfect curls,” says McCowan. “The new Cloud Nine Curling Wand is ideal for people with fine hair as the temperature control settings mean a lower temperature can be used to create curls, ensuring hair isn’t damaged. Pro tips – always use a heat protectant spray and let each curl cool before brushing them out.”

If you have oily hair…

Wash: “As counter-productive as it sounds, try not to wash your hair daily as this will cause over-production of oils,” cautions Sydney hair stylist Barney Martin. “Never apply conditioner to the scalp and embrace dry shampoo! Think about avoiding a fringe and try to ensure you don’t run your fingers through your hair constantly.”

Style: “Avoid boar bristle brushes as they will distribute oil even further through the hair and scalp,” says Martin.  

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