Is The New Dyson Airstrait Wet-To-Dry Straightener The Next Cult Product?

The new AirWrap, but for straight hair girlies.

There’s no denying that Dyson made waves (literally) with the launch of the iconic AirWrap curler, and now they’re attempting to do so again with a brand-new offering from the company, this time in the straightening space, called the Dyson Airstrait.

Before you go thinking that this is like their existing straightener the ‘Corrale’, this new Airstrait will offer something different—wet-to-dry styling. So, you won’t need to blow dry your hair and then straighten, you can do it all at once, saving major morning time for those curly girls who like a straight style.

Essentially, the Airstrait will be able to straighten using an extremely fast jet of air (perfectly placed at the temperature to mould, but not damage your strands), to dry the hair straight.

The product is designed to cater to many hair types. (Credit: Image: Supplied)

If you don’t know too much about the science of hair styling, it’s essentially about breaking and reshaping the hydrogen bonds in the hair, which can be done with heat and hot plates, or in the way it dries.

The Airstrait forgoes the use of hot plates traditional straightening irons use, and instead uses a fast stream of air to dry it in the style, like a salon blow dry. Styling with air flow (rather than hot plates), requires less high heat, and protects natural shine.

The Airstrait has three modes ‘Wet’, ‘Dry’ and ‘Cool’ mode. To use you simply select your mode, put the hair tress between the two arms (like you would a normal straightener), and move the tool down the tress.

The ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’ modes are pre-set to specific temperatures. For ‘Wet’ mode, you can choose between 80°C, 110°C and 140°C, while in ‘Dry’ mode, you can choose between 120°C and 140°C, or a top up “boost”.

Cool mode is designed to cool the hair after it has been heated, setting your sleek style in place. You can also ‘cool shot’ your hair as you go, and toggle between two speed settings (low and high flow). The product will also have a special root drying mode, which will be a lifesaver for those with curly baby hairs.

The direction of air flow smooths the tress. (Credit: Image: Supplied)

While you might be familiar with heat settings already from your existing hair tools, there has been some research as to how accurate they are. In the Dyson Airstrait, intelligent heat control will measure the temperature of the airflow 30 times every second to make sure the heat setting you choose is the one your hair receives, aiming to prevent damage.

The unfortunate news for those who were about to run out and click pay, is that this product will take a little while to come to market in Australia.

While it is now available in the US today, it will not enter the Australian and New Zealand markets until 2024, with pricing still to be confirmed.

The styler will come in two different colourways—a ‘bright nickel’ silver, with rich copper accents, which will be available everywhere, and their classic ‘prussian blue’, with rich copper accents, which will only be available in direct purchase.  

The front and back look of the Dyson Airstrait (Credit: Image: Supplied)

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