I Wore This Organic Face Mask To Bed And This Is What Happened

We put it to the test.

Winter is all about rugging up, sitting by fires, drinking hot chocolates and snuggling under the covers. But because I also have to get things done (sigh), I find myself constantly running in and out of the cold weather. And it can make my skin unhappy.

Whether I’m in the office for long hours, or running between shoots and appointments, the changes in temperature can take a toll on my skin, leaving it feeling dry, dehydrated and tight.

To counteract all this, I am constantly on the lookout for products that will give my skin an instant hit of glow and a boost in hydration. So when endota’s Intensive Moisture Mask came across my desk, I snapped it up. Why? Not only is it from the brand’s Organics line, over 83% organic ingredients, and almost entirely made from natural ingredients (which makes me feel virtuous and good), it is also dosed with some excellent skin-loving ingredients.

endota Organics Intense Moisture Mask, $50 at (Credit: Supplied.)

Vitamin E for example helps with hydration, while Davidson Plum, a native Australian botanical ingredient filled with vitamin C, is also in the line-up to help to brighten my skin.

Also in the mix are Omegas 3, 6 and 9. I love these hydrating ingredients because they add deep nourishment to skin and help to keep the skin barrier healthy and strong, which is always important for keeping skin calm, even and irritation-free.

Moisturised skin goals. (Credit: Supplied)

You can apply a light layer of the Intense Moisture Mask onto clean skin and wait 10-15 minutes before rinsing off for a quick hydration boost any time of day. It’s honestly the ideal skin pick-me-up before a night out. But personally, to keep my skin in check all winter, I like to use it before bed on cleansed skin a couple of times a week. I sleep with it on and let it sink in all night long. When I wake in the morning my skin feels deeply nourished, healthy and glowing, despite the chill outside.

You can see endota’s full range of products here

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