Endota Collabs With Three Iconic Photographers For Self-Love Movement

A celebration of unretouched beauty.

A mainstay of the beauty landscape, endota is loved for its wellness offerings and soul-nurturing treatments.

Relied upon by so many of us for its 110 (and counting) spa locations, the brand has embarked on a new and exciting chapter to showcase the beauty of diversity, the power of inner strength and the common connection between us all.

For the brand’s campaign, founder Melanie Gleeson has collaborated with three leading Australian photographers (and marie claire favourites) – Stephen Ward, Nicole Bentley and Jennifer Stenglein – to come up with the imagery for the new brand positioning. To capture an authentic beauty, each image was shot with no wardrobe, no hair or makeup, and photographers used only natural light. And because self-love rather than perfection was the aim, finished images were left unretouched.
(Credit: Stephen Ward)

“The goal [for endota] has always been to make people feel better and to make wellbeing a healthy habit, rather than a luxury,” says Gleeson. “We know that wellbeing is more than a trend and deeper than a quick fix. We know that something special happens when we actively nurture our own health and happiness: we feel more uplifted, more confident and more authentically ourselves.” Nurturing real bodies is the reality of every endota therapist around the country, and Gleeson was keen to reflect this in the images.

“Wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, hair, smile lines – there is true magnificence in diversity and that is what we see every day across our network,” she explains. Bentley says the brief was inspiring. “It’s the ultimate gesture of trust for a brand to say they have faith in you as a creator to deliver something that is going to be beautiful and ground-breaking,” she says.
(Credit: Nicole Bentley)

“It felt like a gift to be given this brief and I was so inspired to see what I could create with it. It was on me to know when I had captured what was required, and it was important to me to have the time and space to create a real connection with the subjects because I knew this is what would translate to sincere imagery.”

An intimate look at real skin and real bodies, the campaign is a positive and inclusive showcase of beauty and what it means to be human. It also encourages us to take a moment to think about the importance (and knock-on mental benefits) of embracing self-care. We’re booking in as we speak. Visit for a behind-the-scenes look at the campaign
(Credit: Nicole Bentley)

Visit for a behind-the-scenes look at the campaign.

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