Should We Be Using Eye Cream On Our Smile Lines?

Two experts weigh in

Nothing brings us joy quite like a double-duty beauty product.

Especially when it’s discovering a use for something we already own; like lip tints as blush or hairspray to stop skirt static (try it, it works!).

The latest hack to pique our interest? Using eye creams, eye serums and treatments on smile lines.

After all, if they’re great for smoothing crow’s feet and boosting elasticity, who says they won’t do the same for the creases near our mouths?

So, can we use an eye cream to fight smiles?

Emma Hobson, Director of Skin Education at Dermalogica, is all for it, saying that our skin (no matter in what area) will always benefit from ingredients that stimulate collagen and elastin production. 

Using active serums daily will result in firmer, younger-looking skin with less wrinkle depth and lines,” she tells Marie Claire.

Kayla Houlihan, Skin Therapist and founder of Tribe Skincare, agrees there can be some benefit to using eye cream here, however, she also believes “you will achieve better results by using a more heavy-duty face product on the area.”

“Eye serums and creams are designed for the delicate, thin skin around your eye area, whereas the skin around your lips is a little thicker and tougher,” she explains.

Other ways to treat smile lines

So while it seems there’s no harm or foul in applying your eye cream to laugh lines, if you really want to target the area, here’s what the experts say to look for.

1. Hyaluronic acid

“It’s the same ingredient used in fillers and absorbs easily into your skin, resulting in hydrating and plumping your skin’s surface,” says Houlihan.

2. Retinol

Retinol, also known as vitamin A “is considered to be one of the best performing ingredients to effectively address the signs of premature ageing and photodamaged skin,” explains Hobson. So if you’re team eye cream, aim for a retinol one!

3. Rosehip oil

“Nourishing facial oils, such as rosehip oil, also work well to lubricate this area overnight and help to prevent future wrinkles forming in this area over the years,” says Houlihan, recommending Tribe’s Repair Me! Facial Oil ($48,

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