Meet ‘Hair Slugging’, TikTok’s Take On The Beloved Skincare Trend Is Heading North

Dry hair, be gone.

As the cool, crisp grasp of winter begins to approach the Southern Hemisphere, it’s only a matter of time before our hair looses hydration.

To avoid dry and lacklustre tresses, TikTok has sought advice from one of the most popular skincare trends, known as ‘slugging‘, which we’ve already deep dove into.

Based on the Korean skincare technique that leaves your complexion as hydrated and as plump as ever, this latest iteration sees the same method used on your mane—otherwise known as ‘hair slugging’.

To simplify the trend, hair slugging involves adding a heavily hydrating treatment to your nightly haircare routine to lock in moisture, while wrapping your hair to protect it during sleep.

Kicking off the ‘hair slugging’ trend was TikTok user Monique Rapier, who uses a light oil on her tresses and then protects her strands by popping them into a fluffy sock overnight.

According to Rapier, the sock works to avoid friction and damage that can happen through the night from both tossing in bed and the cotton pillow slip you sleep on. Not only does it keep hair hydrated and healthy but some have credited the technique for giving them the shiniest hair they’ve had in years.

Main image via @theouai.

As for how to nail the hair technique, there are two ways to do so. First, you can opt for a lightweight oil that doesn’t need to be washed out and apply to the ends of your strands. Wrap your mane in a fluffy sock, secure with a hair tie and go to sleep.

And the other way sees a heavier oil applied from top to bottom, with a hydrating hair mask applied on top. Then, wrap your hair in a sock and secure with a hair tie. The next morning, you can wash it out.

But who would benefit the most from the ‘hair slugging’ method? Well, only those with incredibly dry, frizzy hair that is in desperate need of moisture will likely enjoy the technique the most. For everyone else, the excessive use of product will likely see their tresses weighed down with unnecessary build-up.

If you’re in the latter, and your hair needs a little pick-me-up, try opting for reduce washing schedules (no more than three times a week) and pop in a hair mask or treatment once a week.

Interest piqued? Below, we’ve rounded up the best products for ‘hair slugging’ to stock up on.

Hair Slugging

Fluffy Bed Socks by Cotton On, $9.99 at Cotton On.

Hair Ties

Multi Skinny Silk Scrunchies, $50 at Slip.

Hair Slugging

Hair Oil by Ouai Haircare, $43 at Sephora.


Maui Moisture Hibiscus Water Conditioner, $11.49 at Chemist Warehouse.

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Healing Oil by Virtue Labs, $63 at Sephora.


Complete Instant Recovery Heat Protectant Leave-In Serum by JVN, $43 at Sephora.

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Deep Treatment Masque by Oribe, $92 at Adore Beauty.

Complete Pre-Wash Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil by JVN, $43 at Sephora.
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Saffron Hair Elixir Pistachio and Rose Hair Oil by Joon Haircare, $77 at Sephora.​

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Leave-In Molecullar Repair Hair Mask by K18, $94 at Sephora.​

Hair Slugging

Hair-Mask Creamy Deep Conditioner by Bread Beauty Supply, $43 at Sephora.

Hair Slugging

Moroccanoil Treatment Light by Moroccanoil, $70 at Sephora.

Argan Oil Miracle Damage Repair Cream by Hask, $5.39 at Chemist Warehouse.

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