The ‘Colour Wheel’ TikTok Hack For “Mesmerizing” Eyes

Eyes to mesmerize.
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Have you ever wondered why some makeup looks tend to suit your eyes and make them pop? Whether you’re looking to harness the icy blue of your eyes, forest green or even maybe the warm honey hues in them, there is a way to make them stand out.

No, it’s not just about mastering the perfect brow or even adding an extra lick of mascara to your lashes. In fact, it’s all about the way you apply your eyeshadow, closest to the eye.

The TikTok hack was shared online by user @k.wamp (Karissa Wampler).

“It’s this hack and you gotta use the colour wheel to do it but it is so effective,” she explains.

“So, I started doing this with my eyes, and when I tell you that every time I do it and I talk to somebody they’ll be like…your eyes are mesmerizing. Your eyes are insane.

“When I do the colour wheel hack they just go to incredibly intense but it’s literally just what I do with my makeup.”


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How To Make Your Eyes Pop With Eyeshadow

Step 1: Consult The Colour Wheel

The first step in this beauty hack is to find the colour of your eyes on the colour wheel. Try to match it up as best as you can. If your eyes are multiple different colours, pick the one you see the most when you stand back.

Once you’ve found the perfect colour, go directly across the wheel to the other side where you will find the contrasting colour. Usually this will mean the following:

  • Blue eyes: light warm browns and golds to deeper oranges and russets
  • Brown eyes: light blues, lilacs and violet purples
  • Green eyes: rusty oranges, pinks and reds

Step 2: Apply The Shadow

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Once you know what colour your shadow should be, you can use a tiny angled brush to precisely apply it in a few key locations on your eye.

Take the contrasting colour and stamp it on the inside of the eye, close to the tear duct top and bottom.

Then take the same colour, and tap it on your waterline on the outside bottom corner of your eye. Finally, take the same colour on the angled brush one more time and sweep it out from the eye in a gentle wing.

The application should be precise and subtle. It shouldn’t necessarily stand out, but should enhance the shade of your eyes when you step back.

Step 3: Finish

Finish off the rest of your makeup, add  mascara and you’re good to go!

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