How To Perfect The Latte Makeup Trend That’s All Over Your Feed

Honestly, it looks as delicious as it sounds.
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It appears that TikTok is renaming every OG trend online, so now we have a new syntax for the viral bronze-goddess looks we see on red carpets, perfume commercials and jewellery fashion shoots: Latte Makeup.

It’s that warm-toned, caramel smokey eye that is sensual without being ‘too much’, combined with a glowing complexion and juicy nude lip.

The trend was broken down by TikTok influencer Rachel Rigler (@rachelrigler), and then dueted by the MUA behind the looks Tanielle Jai (@taniellejaimua).

“It’s warm and bronzy, milky and effortless,” Rigler explains.

The look is going absolutely viral on TikTok, with the trend already garnering over 29.8 million views and growing, but how can you master it at home? We have the intel.

What Is Latte Makeup?

Latte makeup focuses on a yellow-toned brown eyeshadow and bronzy base, and you can accessorise it with a brown ring or even peachy blush. (Credit: Image: Instagram: @taniellejaimua)

According to Jai, the key to getting a luxurious finish with latte makeup is in the shades of brown that you choose.

The look revolves around monochromatic bronze shades, but in warm, caramel hues. This means that the browns you choose should lean yellow, rather than red. That is the key to ensuring that the look you put together is less ‘vampy’ and more ‘glowing’.

It’s also about the way you approach the complexion, with radiant and slightly lower-coverage products being key. Allowing freckles and beauty spots to show through is essential to ensuring this makeup looks relaxed and effortless, rather than very made up.

The final product should be a low-maintenance golden bronze look that would look at home on the beachside promenades of St. Tropez.

How To Do Latte Makeup At Home

Latte makeup can also be toned down for a more minimal look. (Credit: Image: Instagram: @taniellejaimua)

Lucky for us, makeup artist Tanielle Jai has taken her followers through exactly how to create the latte makeup look step by step.

Firstly, choose products that offer a warm bronze shade with undertones of caramel or yellow, rather than red. This is especially pertinent to your bronzer, contour, eyeshadow and liner shades.

Step 1: Your Base

The best place to start is with a radiance boosting primer, and we’d recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter or the Holme Beauty Primer. Then go straight in with your warm yellow-toned bronzer, ideally placing it in the hollow of the cheekbones, in a line from the outer corner of your eye and through the temple, and around the upper perimeter of your forehead. Blend that out.

We’re not going with foundation for this look, so now is the time to use your concealer to highlight the rest of the face: under the eyes, jawline, centre of the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin. Blend everything into one canvas, so it’s a single light layer of natural-looking coverage.

Step 2: Your Eyes

Blend a little bronzer as a base through the crease of the eyes and under the eyes to smoke them out.

Grab a lip liner or eyeliner with a nude-yellow tone like MAC Cosmetic’s Cork or Oak and use it as your eyeliner along the upper lashline, through the crease and into a wing. Diffuse it with a blending brush for a subtle smoke.

Blend a caramel shade through the crease, taking a slightly deeper tone under the eyes and smoking it out. Don’t be afraid to take the lower lashline colour towards the inner corner for a more sultry look.

Grab a shimmery caramel colour and apply a touch of it in the centre of the lid, but don’t pack it on. This look is at its best when there are still a lot of matte browns.

If you prefer, take a brown liner through the waterline and even consider creating a little wing on the outer corner. Using a brown eyeshadow for the wing can create a softer more diffused look to your wing.

Step 3: Add Glow

Next, take a shimmery highlighter colour that is in a similar shade to your skin tone (not a stark white), and highlight the browbone and inner corner. You can also use this to highlight the bridge and tip of the nose.

Step 4: Additional Touches

Finish with mascara across the top lashes only for a more feline look and consider adding freckles or pigment to your beauty spots to make the skin look more summery and natural. If you need to, use a finely milled powder in any oily spots to set the look, followed by a setting spray.

Step 5: Your Lips

When you get to the lips, opt for a honey-hued nude liner with a nude lip and a simple lip oil or gloss.

Best Latte Makeup Trend Products

(Credit: Image: Myer)

Chanel Cream-Gel Bronzer for a Healthy, Sun-Kissed Glow, $91, Myer

(Credit: Image: Adore Beauty)

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, $19.99, Adore Beauty

(Credit: Image: Holme)

Base Primer, $65, Home Beauty

(Credit: Image: Sephora)

Anatasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, $80, Sephora

(Credit: Image: Priceline)

Milani Highly Rated Anti-Gravity Mascara In Intense Black, $27, Amazon

(Credit: Image: MECCA)

Ciaté London Pump Plump Plumping Gloss in Blossom, $29, MECCA

(Credit: Image: Myer)

MAC Lipliner Pencil in Cork, $27, Myer

(Credit: Image: Adore Beauty)

innisfree Matte Mineral Setting Powder 5g, $13, Adore Beauty

(Credit: Image: MECCA)

Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray, $54, Charlotte Tilbury

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