12 Celebrity-Approved Soft Glam Makeup Looks To Master

Think of it as a cosmetic compromise.

Call it the effect of a multi-year pandemic, but the world seems to have developed an ‘all or nothing’ approach when it comes to makeup.

If it’s not a grocery run or Zoom meeting that only calls for a light application of ‘no makeup makeup’, it’s a rare outing that seems to demand a daring lip or Adele-level wing.

We happen to think, however, that the art of the ‘soft glam’ makeup look is one worth reviving. An approach that leaves you looking done but not overdone, it’s all about embracing the happy medium between subtle and statement-making.

So what constitutes soft? We think of ‘soft glam’ as an aesthetic free of any harsh lines. Think blown out bronzer and eyeshadow finishes paired with fluffy lashes and brows.

But though it’s an aesthetic that does tend to pull from a neutral palette, ‘soft’ doesn’t necessarily need to mean ‘natural’. Glitter is fair game and smokey eyes are encouraged; it’s all about how your glam is applied (and specifically how flawlessly it’s blended).

Speaking of flawless blending, that’s something that Hollywood certainly has a handle on. In fact, the stars (and the makeup maestros behind the brushes) are precisely who we’re turning to for sparks of inspiration.

So without further ado, here are the celebrity-approved soft glam looks we recommend working into your repertoire…

Lily James

(Credit: @valeriaferreiramakeup)

Worried shimmery finishes won’t look soft enough? Allow James’ romantic rose gold lids and glistening gloss to alleviate those concerns.

Eiza Gonzalez

(Credit: @hungvanngo)

Expertly-applied eyeshadow and a polished pout are necessities of course, but soft (not sharp) sculpting (like Gonzalez’s) is also key.

Alexandra Daddario

(Credit: @bobbyeliot)

Another major player in the creation of a soft glam look? Mascara; especially when working with a single shade smokey eye like Daddario.

Lucy Hale

(Credit: @valeriaferreiramakeup)

Hale highlights the most understated way to wear the trend: soft matte neutrals smudged out ever so slightly across lids, lips and cheeks.

Jennifer Lopez

(Credit: @maryphillips)

Lopez’s lash-laden look sits toward the more dramatic end of the soft glam spectrum, but the lack of liner keeps it just hazy enough to work.

Jasmine Tookes

(Credit: @jastookes)

On top of showcasing soft shadow and glossy lips at their very finest, Tookes’ aesthetic proves the power of beautifully blown out blush.

Alessandra Ambrosio

(Credit: @patrickta)

Ambrosio’s tonal take is all about pairing bronze hues of slightly differing depths (cocoa on eyes, caramel on cheeks, and coffee on lips).

Elsa Hosk

(Credit: @patrickta)

Playing with a fresher, warmer colour palette allows the aesthetic to up its day-friendly factor. Hosk’s coordinated peach look is perfection.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

(Credit: @hungvanngo)

Harsh lines may be a ‘no’, but blended ones (to the point of appearing ‘blurred’) à la Huntington Whiteley’s washed-out wing are on the ‘yes’ list. 

Naomi Scott

(Credit: @hungvanngo)

Don’t be afraid to clash warm and cool colours; Scott exemplifies the surprisingly complementary pairing of apricot lipstick and chrome shadow.

Julianne Moore

(Credit: @hungvanngo)

Selecting shades that specifically suit your skin tone and hair colour (like Moore’s flattering peachy palette) is definitely a soft glam ‘do’. 

Diane Kruger

(Credit: @hungvanngo)

Don’t be afraid of definition; darker colours work a treat when adequately buffed out. Case in point? Kruger’s beautifully blended charcoal smokey eye.

Main image credit: @jastookes

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