Here’s How To Plan An Unforgettable European Getaway

Get set to jet.

While experimenting with our winter wardrobes and cozying up on colder nights has its perks, the chillier weather has us all dreaming of a sunny escape.

Now’s the time to swap coats for cute dresses and boots for bikinis and jet off on a European getaway.

From finding the perfect mix of hidden gems and tourist hotspots, to embracing local culture, fashion and food, here’s how to plan a trip you won’t forget.

Pack The Essentials

Take the stress out of summer holiday sartorial choices by packing smarter. While the urge to buy a whole new wardrobe to complement your getaway is very real, there’s no need to abandon personal style overseas.

Energise your everyday fashion choices with a mix of bold and elegant accents: a colourful maxi or midi wrap skirt to float from beach to bar, a silk scarf to add a touch of excitement to your carry-all, and stand-out accessories to elevate casual looks. And be sure to leave room in your suitcase to include the new pieces you’ll inevitably pick up on your adventure.

Make Memories To Last

Add an extra layer of sensory delight by packing a new fragrance for the journey. So closely linked with memory and emotion, scent has a powerful role to play when it comes to leaving a lasting impression of a particular place and time.

Giorgio Armani MY WAY PARFUM
Giorgio Armani MY WAY PARFUM, 50mL, $201. (Credit: Supplied)

Giorgio Armani’s new MY WAY PARFUM invites those who wear it to explore new horizons and carve their own path. Actress and producer Sydney Sweeney is the face of the fragrance, showing off her “I am what I live” mentality with a new vision of femininity.

Floral, woody and powdery, MY WAY opens with fresh, citrus top notes, thanks to bergamot oil and orange blossom from Egypt. Then, there’s an intense heart, blending tuberose heart absolute with iris pallida for an edgy, majestic and feminine effect.

Playing between radiant and intense, it’s perfect for days spent exploring that turn into balmy nights indulging in local delights.  Plus, you can use it when you’re back on home soil to maintain that post-vacation high.

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Mix It Up

Whether you’re heading to the Amalfi Coast or the South of France, be sure your itinerary includes a mix of iconic landmarks and local, undiscovered experiences.

Just like our wardrobes have the right mix of high/low, balance your journey with a blend of luxury stays and fine dining (you are on holiday, after all) with more off-the-beaten-path attractions and lesser-known destinations.

Researching hotspots, artisan stores, cafes and cultural encounters in advance is beneficial for a well-rounded trip Bit don’t forget to leave space in your schedule for spontaneous detours and unplanned adventures, as these spur-of-the-moment experiences often become some of your most treasured memories.

Our tip? Don’t be afraid to ask locals for their recommendations on restaurants, bars and sites that only those in the know can show you.

Brought to you by Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani introduces MY WAY PARFUM, a new facet of the MY WAY fragrances. This floral woody powdery fragrance is defined by its contrast between the bright, solar tuberose note and the majestic blue iris pallida.

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