Is Your Hair Loss Normal? An Expert Weighs In

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Whether it’s stress, hormone changes or excess styling, hair thinning can happen regardless of age. We ask the experts for the steps we can take to get back on top of our hair game.

Signs of hair thinning

If your hair is thinning, chances are you’ll have an inkling it’s happening. “Your hair feels thinner or lifeless,” says Mel Gesualdo, owner of Reno’s on St Quentin in Perth and Kérastase Global K Squad member. “You may feel it when you shampoo; it could feel as though there is a lot less there and quite a bit is coming out daily.” Gesualdo also points out that your hairline and partline may appear more visible. Another telltale sign of thinning is flyaways or short strands at the front that just won’t stay down.

Causes of hair loss

External factors: “Things like overuse of hot tools, pollution and not following a good home hair regime that protects and strengthens hair can all be causes of thinning.” Internal factors: “Stress, hormones, and a poor diet can cause thinning,” says Gesualdo who adds that hair loss can also be genetic.

Know this: Hair thinning is not just a men’s issue. “88 per cent of women experience hair fall at some stage in their life, with almost half of those being before the age of 35,” says Andrea Bryceland, national education manager for Kérastase. “What is alarming is that 90 per cent of women who experience hair fall do not treat it in any way.”

How to know if level of hair loss is normal

Want to know if your hair loss is normal or not? Bryceland says losing between 50-100 strands a day is not unusual, but “anything more than 100 hairs a day is considered excessive hair loss”, she explains. “That means when you shampoo, you notice a lot of hair coming out. When you blow-dry your hair, you notice a lot of hair on the bathroom floor, or you wake up in the morning with hairs on your pillow.”

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Get your hair loss diagnosed

Visit your hairdresser to examine your hair and scalp. Such assessments are about to get much more accurate with Kérastase next year launching a new scalp analysis camera called K-Scan. “It is powered by AI and will analyse the scalp using three separate lights,” explains Bryceland. “This allows us to ‘see the invisible’ on the scalp and treat scalp concerns early.”

If you feel your hair loss might be hormone related, you might want a second opinion. “I’d also recommend an appointment with your GP if you are concerned that [hair loss] has begun while hormonal changes have occurred, or you have begun new medications,” says Bryceland.

Treat your scalp with care

“Exfoliate, cleanse, treat and use a serum, ” says Bryceland. “Also, treat your hair with respect. That means be gentle when you towel dry and brush or style, and if you are using heat tools, make sure you use hair protection. ”

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