Jennifer Lopez Ditched Her Usual Glam For A Makeup-Free Selfie

Proving she's truly immortal

Jennifer Lopez, 51-years-old, is a mother-of-two, actor, dancer, singer, producer, reality show judge, and yet manages to look exactly the same as she did twenty years ago when her noughties hit ‘Jenny From The Block’ released, and her latest fresh-faced selfie proves just that. 

While we’re used to her high-ponytails and bronzy complexions, J.Lo isn’t afraid to share her all-natural self – especially since this year has meant switching out her high glamour beauty looks. 

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, the singer greeted fans with her “morning face” while wrapped in a plush white bathrobe. “Good morning everyone!! #MorningFace,” she captioned a photo of herself without any makeup.

You could be forgiven for thinking Lopez was a superhuman or held the secret to defying age but it turns out, it all comes down to her vigorous fitness, diet and beauty routine. She told People, “I’ve taken care of myself, and now it shows.”

There’s no arguing that.

The mega performer also always ensures a minimum of eight hours of sleep. As told to InStyle US, “The number one tip is to always get enough sleep. I can’t stress this enough. Ideally, I would love to get nine or 10 hours of sleep, but either way, I always make sure I get at least eight.”

She added, “I also definitely think beauty comes from within – you have to have keep your mind, soul, body and spirit in sync. I am a firm believer in meditating and when you are happy and feel joy and love, you radiate beauty.” 

*Takes notes*

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