Jodie Comer Debuted The Modern Version Of ‘The Rachel’ At Wimbledon

The one with the blonde blowout.

The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament may be the place for spotting celebrity-approved fashion must-haves, however we would have never expected this season’s hottest beauty trend to emerge from the exclusive grand stands.

Jodie Comer, who you’ll recognise as the fashion-forward antagonist Villanelle from Killing Eve, took to the Royal Box in a innocuous emerald green jumpsuit, but we weren’t fixated on her humble ensemble or her rendezvous with Tom Cruise, rather her new honey coloured mane.

Sporting the cut du jour, a modest lob with face framing highlights, we can’t help but notice that Comer’s fresh haircut is serving a modern day take on the iconic 90’s look: ‘The Rachel’.

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The layered locks bare a strong resemblance to the hairstyle made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s beloved Friends character Rachel Green.

Aniston’s original cut—which became a hallmark style for women in the 90s, and again last year, thanks to the Friends reunion special—featured a shoulder-skimming length, high volume, face framing layers and sun-kissed highlights.

Cormer’s, on the other hand, sits just below her collar bone with platinum coloured highlights and a soft, wispy fringe.

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Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that a member of the celebrity style set has pioneered the resurgence of a nostalgic hairstyle.

Last year alone we saw supermodel and actress Kaia Gerber make a case for the 70s style subtle long shag cut, and Brie Larson reviving the high-maintenance ‘Fawcett Flip’ which is named eponymously after Farrah Fawcett.

While the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Bieber also joined in on ‘The Rachel’ hair trend—we’re guessing Bieber’s crop was a nod to her husband’s appearance on Friends: The Reunion—a little closer to home, Phoebe Burgess also tried her hand at the style.

However, unlike these other A-listers, Comer is proving that a low-maintenance approach to achieving ‘The Rachel’ is the way to go.

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Thankfully we’ve come a long way since COVID-19 interrupted our regular salon appointments, if you’re anything like us then you’ll still be indulging in the pleasures of a lazy girl look.

Read: one that takes minimal effort, barely any upkeep but still looks effortless, elegant and fabulous.

Comer’s glossy colour even includes the appearance of her natural-coloured roots. So, before our next trip to the hairdresser, we’ll be armed with this image of Comer and taking advice from Stevie Wright by letting our hair hang out.

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