Lucy Hale’s Biggest Beauty Regret Is One We Can All Relate To

The skinny brow will haunt us forever

It’s fair to say Lucy Hale is as famed for her bold set of brows as she is for Pretty Little Liars, but it turns out the 28-year-old actress wasn’t always in possession of such enviably strong arches.

A friend (frenemy?) of Hale’s from her American Juniors days recently posted a throwback photo from 15 years ago on Instagram, and Hale’s eyebrows couldn’t have been any thinner. Behold:

Hale then shared a screenshot of the photo on her Instagram Stories, with the caption: “15 years ago. At the teen choice awards. My eyebrows y’all. Thank u @katelyntarver for sharing this content w the world,” along with a trio of laughing emojis. 

If it’s any consolation, Hale, at least you didn’t go for the all-out tadpole look.

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