Meghan Markle Has Been Doing Her Own Makeup For Royal Occasions

Her wedding day makeup artist knows all

Is anyone else loving Meghan Markle’s Ireland tour looks? From that forest green Givenchy number to her shiny waves (and – gasp – black suit!), she’s been killing it in the style stakes ever since she and husband Prince Harry stepped off their private jet.

But don’t think her enviable beauty looks are the result of hours in the makeup chair – the Duchess of Sussex has been DIYing every day of the trip. 

Her wedding day MUA, Daniel Martin, first let the beauty trivia slip on his Instagram account, Allure reports, when he shared a photo of Ms Markle in navy Dior. “She did her makeup herself for this” he wrote in response to a comment asking what products he used.

Further proof comes by way of Hello! magazine’s report into the 11-strong entourage the royal couple are travelling with – while celebrity hair stylist George Northwood made the cut (he did Markle’s wedding hair), there was no sign of a makeup artist on the list.

meghan markle ireland tour
(Credit: Gettty)

Looks like the Duchess is following in her sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s footsteps – rumour has it she even did her own makeup on her wedding day.

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