Olivia Wilde’s New Tattoo Has The Most Beautiful Meaning

Hate tattoos? You will love this

Whatever you think of celebrity tattoos (see the best and worst of them here), you can’t argue with their ability to inspire ink trends around the world. The latest example? Olivia Wilde’s new constellation tattoo, which spans the length of her forearm and looks destined to spark an influx of starry night body art.

Wilde posted a photo of her fresh ink on Instagram, captioning it “for my little o.”

We’re with Stylecaster on this one – who could she be referring to but her four-year-old son Otis? 

Given Wilde’s tribute, we’d hazard a guess that the constellation is that of the night sky on her son’s birthday, tapping into the trend for new parents and newly married couples to frame photographs or art prints of their own significant starry night.

Wilde’s new tattoo is the work of celebrity tattoo artist Doctor Woo, who is based in LA.

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